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It is Monday, right? 2/11 Daily Topic is Now Open (Read 42 times)

    At least in Michigan it's Monday.  Not sure about the rest of you.


    I ran 6.05 miles.  The first mile was more like a game of broom ball at the local ice rink, but I found a half mile patch of wet road and went back and forth on that until I got up to 6.


    From today's Calvin and Hobbes rerun:


    Oh lovely snowball, packed with care, smack a head that's unaware!
    Then with freezing ice to spare, melt and soak through underwear!
    Fly straight and true, hit hard and square, this, oh snowball, is my prayer.

    And so it goes

      I miss Calvin and Hobbes.


      Yesterday's "race" meant no speedwork today.  So just an EZ 10-miler in a light drizzle.


      Have a great week.

        5 miles...not raining yet...

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          It appears the the number of topic "views" only counts once for each person instead of once for each visit.  Now I won't be able to go to a thread and hit refresh a few hundred times to make people wonder why a specific topic is so popular.

          And so it goes

          I look my best blurry!

            Reminds me that I have yet to have a good snowball fight this winter.  I've been such a slacker!!!  Today is a rest day for me.  The low 50s and sunshine are calling me though.  Maybe just a jog.  Airdyne bike in my closet is not too appealing and my bike is halfway across the state!  Geez!!!

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              The big news yesterday was Tammy's son David's success.  Congrats to him and you Tamster.


              Continuing my brief rest routine, I walked 2.2 miles on the dirt track.  Good of my RP to do it with me. Epsom salt bath yesterday and all my leg exercises. I feel just fine and will test the legs tomorrow on a brief run.


              I used this experience to write up the "This is no time for Juan Agosto" on the Dallas Morning News running blog, for those unfamiliar with the story:





              Maniac 505

                Yep, HUGE congrats to David.  Tammy You must be so proud.

                Tet  Chilly Hilly is coming up in a couple of weeks.  will you be around?

                Once again, I am up way too late.  One more night then 3 weeks


                Night all,  have a good day.

                  Well NEMO certainly messed up my running plans for Friday & Saturday.  I spent 6 hours Saturday clearing out the driveway (thank god I have a tractor with a bucket) and a plow.  The tractor was a huge help as the drifts were just huge even though I did have bare pavement and grass in some areas the drifts more than made up for it!


                  I got out on the snowy roads yesterday for a planned 18 miler +/- .  It's a good thing I wore my YAKS!  Running this distance on the snow & slush covered roads made it feel much longer than 17.44 miles...I felt like I had run a marathon by the end of it and was absolutely exhausted when I finished.


                  17.44 - 2:50:33 (9:48)  the last few miles were very slow as the roads were treacherous and more heavily traveled.


                  Here is a link to some photos I took (most of which I took before I ever picked up a shovel or plowed etc.)




                  I hope everyone has a safe day & I hope this damn snow melts soon!

                    ...I love Calvin and Hobbs......

                    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                    MM #405

                      Maine - thanks for the pic's wow you are buried!   You have a gorgeous home by the way.


                      Tammy - Congrats to your boy!


                      Wannabe - great to see you here!


                      6 miles for me.  It is sunny and mild here,  40 F


                      I got crazy last night and entered the 100 km race I've been thinking about.   My daughter said "Mom, you need to run that"    Alrighty then.




                        Calvin and Hobbes are rock stars.


                        6.25 recovery paced miles after this weekends hurt fest.


                        Well done to your son Tammy.


                        great run in that stuff Maine. No wonder you race so well with that Rocky training course.


                        great to see you Wannabe. Looking for you to bust one off at Boston.


                        Cheers all.

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                        I look my best blurry!

                          Thx all!  I am running pretty well but have had many things going on including a pending divorce and 2 part time jobs.  Did I mention injuries?  I'm still running pretty well.  Things are coming together a little late for anything spectacular but i'm looking forward to a good race.  Big grin

                          Avenger Doggie

                          protector of my dad

                            I would catch that snowball!!!!


                            I'm sorry you had to have a bath Spareribs. Did you roll in something?


                            Snow like that makes Dad use the noisy machine that makes the snow go every where. Then we don't go run run run because it takes so long. It's like a big big vacuum that ruins your whole day. Some times I hide my sticks in the snow for it.


                            Me and Dad got to go run run run! We went in his truck to some trails that went way up and way down. He carried a sled with him and when he went waddle waddle waddle up the trail, he flopped on his belly and would ride the sled down. I chased in front of him and would try and grab the sled so he would play with me. One time he hollered on me for it and I went right over and jumped on his back and went down the hill too! He hollered that I was a "chuckle head". A chuckle head is a good dog that rides on their dad's backs when they are too lazy to go run run run down the big big hills. One hill took over two minutes to go down! Kept trying to give him kisses when he went down on his big big belly and he still hollered! So I took his hat and ran away with it and gave him something to holler about! He said that we weren't friends any more. When we got to the bottom of the hill, I was sorry and gave him his hat back.....But...I wasn't really sorry so I ran away with it again! One time, the sled stopped and Dad kept going! I grabbed the rope on the sled and went run run run down the trail with it! Dad went run run run down the trail too. After we were going up another hill again, I said to myself, "Taggy...If Dad wants the stoopid sled, he should carry it". So I let it go and Dad had to catch it. It was a lot of fun and when Dad went down the hill fast, it was easier for him to try and keep up with me.

                            Sniffing Butts, Tag

                              I'd like to write DW a poem for Valentine's Day and could use a little help. What rhymes with "Chicklet" and "Raging Blizzard"?


                                SteveP sorry I am pathetic at anything having to do with language and I suspect lizard is not on your list of words to add to a Valentine!


                                Dave59 I am sure with a bit of work you can create a program to spoof the IP address and get all of the views you like!


                                Tramps great cartoon!


                                Spareribs all I can say is that I sure hope Juan Agosto has a thick skin!


                                mainerunnah and stumpy77 if it makes you feel better things are a total mess down here in CT as well.


                                evanflein "laps of the roads behind his office!?"  EEKS!  Sounds as bad as a TM without the TV.  Or a tack workout which is kinda like a TM without the TV.


                                TammyinGP congratulations to your DS!


                                Yesterday I was originally supposed to run jog a 20k race.  But it was canceled for some reason.  Well due to several feet of snow, which seems like a reasonable excuse.  So instead I planned to run 10 miles which is really closer to where I am now.  However, that snow thing.  The town plowed in the top of my driveway and I had to shovel it out and shovel it out yesterday morning.  Today, the forecast was for rain and if I let it go would be looking at an ice wall between my garage and the road.  Off to shovel I went.  A couple of hours later I was done.  In every imaginable meaning of the word and that killed running.  Well, the forecast was right.  It is raining today so 10 on TM it was.  Dead  On the good news side, the snow has closed all the offices at school (except for critical staff of which I am not one!) today and tomorrow.  Which means I can work from home and not feel guilty about being a bad colleague!  Yes!!!


                                In non running issues:  For some reason I am having a really hard time coming up with a Valentine's day dinner menu.  Any suggestions?  Really, at this point I am desperate!  I suggested a porterhouse steak (which my DW typically loves) and she poo-pooed the idea.  Roll eyes  Which means this is going to be rough.  HELP!

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