Masters Running


College Hills loop, Aggieland
3.4 mi. Added by sillybear (1/19/2008)
Basic training route through the neighborhood; usually very low traffic; lots of trees, mild hills.
Crim 10-Miler, Flint, MI
10 mi. Added by rochrunner (12/25/2007)
A course that's been pretty much the same for 30 years, marked with a permanent blue stripe throughout the city.
Dallas/OB 22
22.5 km. Added by mustang sally (12/31/2007)
Seaside running with a few nice rollers...
Manter Field Loop
6.88 mi. Added by charleygross (12/22/2007)
Flat and fast.
2.5 mi. Added by Dave59 (12/22/2007)
Quick loop around the NE corner of Midland, MI.
Oakland Univerity Campus
5 mi. Added by rochrunner (12/22/2007)
A nice, rolling route around the campus road system.