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Wednesday November 28 Chilly Runs (Read 389 times)

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    Good morning, all.


    Worsening cold has me talking in a whisper, and DH is takng the day off to see the doctor (with his diabetes, these things tend to hit him harder).  He looked at me in disbelief this morning when I suited up to run on the TM, but really, there's not much I won't run through, or try to anyway.  I have this (perhaps misguided) belief that if I get my blood pumping it will help wash away the bad stuff.  I know you folks understand...Wink


    Two important client meetings mean I need to go in to work, but maybe I will try to go home early when they are done.  There is work I can do from my home computer.  Or maybe just take a nap....Smile


    I just realized that I passed the 2000-mile mark at the Monkey. Pretty cool.


    5.3 slow and gentle miles for me on the TM.

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


      Mornin' everyone.


      Try to take it easy today, Holly. Get some rest, and get beyond your cold.That nap sounds like a good idea!


      I am also sorry to learn of your wife's rediagnosis, Norm, and hope that she comes out a winner this time too.


      Welcome Irishguy, and the rest of the good folks from RW! You can post here just about any time, and about just about anything.


      "I'm finding that as I age my circulation is getting worse and my hands were frozen by the time I finished the 1st mile, even wearing good running gloves." Jlynn, I discovered a pair of lined, lightweight mittens from Sacuony a couple of years ago, and they've saved my hands from freezing many times. My hands get cold very easily, but these mittens can keep me at least reasonably comy to temps in the teens. When it goes below that, I have to think about adding a liner glove, or going to much heavier mittens.


      We had a 3-hr. conservation commish. meeting last night that got to be quite challenging at times. By the time I got home, settled down, and got to bed, it was well-past my regular bed time. So, although I had planned on working out this morning, I was smart (for a change) and got a little extra sleep instead.


      Isn't it nice to have a day that isn't "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday" or some other kind of made-up, forced shopping day? It's just Wednesday, and that's kind of nice. So I hope you enjoy it.



      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      MM #5616


        I just realized that I passed the 2000-mile mark at the Monkey. Pretty cool.



        Did it say "Idiot" on the back?  Wink

        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

        delicate flower

          Good morning!  My first post in one of your daily threads.  Hopefully it won't crash the internet.


          I hopped on the treadmill last night rather than run in the snow and cold.  I just wanted a break from the cold weather gear and headlamp.  It felt good to run in shorts and a t-shirt, even if it was on the treadmill.  10 miles, with 10 x 1/2 mile at HM pace (8:00).  It was a harder run than I had planned but I am glad I put the work in. 


          13-15 miles on tap this afternoon. 


          Have a great Wednesday!


             It's just Wednesday, and that's kind of nice. So I hope you enjoy it.




            What a nice thought Jay. I've been looking for a good pair of running mittens. I know that wearing gloves will make your hands colder. It's just hard to start/stop all of the "electronic gadgets" when you're wearing mittens. Maybe that's a sign that I don't need the electronic gadgets Smile


            Holly, you are one tough cookie. Maybe you can sweat it out on the treadmill. What's that old saying "below the chest, let it rest?"  I hope you get to go home and take a nap. But knowing you, you'd use that time to do something around the house. Congrats on hitting the 2,000 mark!


            It's nice to see all of the new RA folks' posts. Welcome to everyone. This is a great group of people - aren't all runners?


            Dave - good luck with your procedure today. Please let us know how everything turns out.


            Although it was 6° warmer here this morning, I didn't feel up to running in cold temps two days in a row. Sorry Erika, I know I shouldn't be whining when 18° would probably be a heat wave for you. Went to the Y for 30 minutes of eliptical, 20 on the bike and free weights/core work.  <Rant On> When I get to the Y in the morning and only have an hour to work out and the woman who opens at 5:00 AM is 10 minutes late, it really makes me angry.  I could see if it happened on a rare occasion, but this happens on a regular basis. When you only have an hour and you make the effort to get up, a lost 10 minutes is a big deal. I know I could go after work, but I like running/working out first thing in the morning. <Rant Off>


            I just got done reading Jay's post about enjoying Wednesday, and I'm already complaining about trivial things.  Sorry people!

              1st post for me too.

              I'm getting over the flu,so I have not run since Sunday. I did manage to make it to work last night (I work 3rd shift),after calling in sick Monday. 

              Soooo....if I feel OK when I wake up this afternoon,Id like to get 6 or 7 easy miles in.

              I hope you guys don't catch what I had. It went through 7 out of the 9 of us here,and it ain't pretty.


                Cool beans Holly. 2000 miles of monkeys. Good luck at those client meetings.


                I agree Jay. Way too much commercialization during these days.


                Jlynne - I struggle with Reynauds syndrome so I understand the cold hands on long runs. I have a pair of Sugoi mittens that are great. They are not lined but a bit thicker and work great. Best $20 I have spent. If it gets really cold I have some Nike gloves I will wear under those. That seems to work. Good luck.


                Another treadmill runner - well done Baboon.


                Day 2 of the new schedule. 2 easy miles and then get the kids ready for school. Nice longer run awaits after work.


                We tell the kids today. Both of us have been dreading this one but it's got to be done. In some respects, it bothers me that they have to deal with something like this as youngsters but they handled it such grace the last time you could see them growing up into compassion and awareness. I guess I'm a glass half full kinda guy.


                Make it a great one.

                "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel



                  I wimped out this morning - afraid of the ice, so walked an extra mile to the T - so congrats to you early morning outside runners.

                  Dave - good luck


                  interesting and CONTROVERSIAL article in todays wall st journal on the dangers of running for older runners




                    Feel better, Holly.  And congrats on the 2000.  Your comment made me go look at the list (which I hadn’t done in ages) and I discovered I made it to page one!  Way behind last year’s mileage though.  Tough summer.

                    Jay—when all the Sandy coverage was going on, I thought about your conservation committee work on coastal flooding awhile back.  Quite a dramatic example to make the case.


                    Easy/recovery 5.2 miler.  No Berthas.

                      interesting and CONTROVERSIAL article in todays wall st journal on the dangers of running for older runners



                       Very interesting.

                      All things in moderation?

                        ...Welcome aboard baboon and drake/////........hope you enjoy the site.....




                        biking and poolrunning in an hour,

                        but gonna try

                        that FullStomach bit

                        Irishguy was talking about first.



                        you never saw a cyclist coming back wearing One Sock

                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                          5 miles on fresh legs...RP pushed the pace a little bit this morning...

                          Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                            Because my endoscopy was moved up to 6:30 I am done.  Since I don't do well with this kind of thing, the doctor gave me a Xanax to take an hour before going in.  I think it helped control the anxiety.  If it hadn't taken 3 tries to get the IV set I might have made it without all the sweating and blood draining from my face.

                            Better news than I expected.  I have a hiatal hernia and gastroesophageal reflux.   No ulcer.  No cell damage in the stomach or esophagus.  I just need to take Prilosec or Prevacid more frequently, especially when it is bothering me.  And when then that doesn't work, the doctor gave me something else to take to help.  (I can't remember the name and I am too tired to go look at what it is.)

                            Needless to say I am extremely relieved.  When I heard the horror stories from other people with similar symptoms it was freaking me out. 

                            I didn't sleep too good the last two nights and I have some effects from the anesthesia, but every time I start to doze off, the tile guy in the bathroom upstairs starts pounding.  (We're finally getting some progress on our bathroom remodel after the leak problem a few months ago.)  But I have the rest of the day off so I'll just kick back and relax. 

                            Tomorrow I plan to break out the running shoes again and get back to work.

                            And so it goes



                              Easy/recovery 5.2 miler.  No Berthas.

                               Big grin

                              So, a new name for hill runs is found! 


                              No running for me today. Count me in as one of those who are sick, but not as bad as some of your folks. The four of us in the family who enjoyed Thanksgiving together got it. I worked from home yesterday to stay away from people. I ran on the TM yesterday afternoon and felt much worse in the evening, so I am going to give my body and lungs a rest today.


                              Great running Baboon. What are you training for? Those 10x 1/2 mile at HMP looks great.

                              Jlynne, have you talked to the person's supervisor? It sure is not a good business practice.

                              Dave, good luck today.

                              Drake, welcome and feel better. 

                              C-R, what are you training for?

                              Holly, great job on the 2000. I am hoping that I will make it to that mark by the end of December.

                              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                                Glad all turned out pretty well Dave!


                                Ran 6 miles with 10x 2 mins all out (1 min. rest) after a couple miles wu and then had time for a couple miles cd. Shake-out run tonight with Hudson (who is full grown and believes he is a lap dog at 74 lbs---my lap mostly---oooof). Reverse of C-R---run longer in am and run a few most evenings with Hudson.


                                Anyone interested in an inaugural marathon on September 28 in Columbus, Indiana? It will be sponsored by Cummins Engine. My aunt is a muckety-muck there and is talking it up to me and a few cousins----family team taking shape. If it doesn't conflict with the  kiddo's xc schedule next year----I am heading there!


                                Welcome to all the new folks!