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Tuesday's Daily, 9.17.13 (Read 49 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    Twocat, any time spent with RA friends is time well-spent, regardless of how long or short it is. Saturday's visit was no exception - I really, really enjoyed meeting you, and spending some good time with Mariposai and Deeze. I can't imagine why you were tired at the end of the weekend...


    Don't Denise and Nancy look like they could be sisters (in addition to being sister RA goddesses)?


    I hope your conference calls went well, Ribs.


    Wildchild, I'm so glad that the horrendous floods in CO haven't been much of an issue for you. And yes, you always look so happy and at ease in your running photos. And how do you always get captured with your feet off the ground?? Nice AG win!


    Nice 10-mi. rain-beater, Tramps.


    Holly, I would be more disappointed if you didn't post here than because you do. As TomW said, we'll let you know when it is too much - but don't expect to see that message any time soon.


    LaT, nice job of embracing the "oneness" of your mile run.


    Tet - more fun posts!!


    Thanks for all the anniversary wishes! DW and I had a delightful dinner at a fav. restaurant across the road from Jenness Beach in Rye, NH. We had a table by the window, and, over a couple of drinks, watched the clouds to the east turn pink, and then orange before going dark as the sun sank in the west, all while a near-full brilliant-white moon was rising overhead. Spectacular! Dinner with the babe was pretty spectacular too!


    Just a scooch over 6 racewalking miles early this morning. It was 41F, nice and clear, with a chilly westerly breeze. I wore shorts with a l/s shirt, cap and gloves. My legs were a bit fatigued from yesterday's shed work (yes, that project is still going - today is our last day off to work on it), but it was still a good and well-paced workout.


    Have a greta Tuesday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      I wasn't sure about any workout today.  I want to use lunch time to cut the grass.  I had a meeting last night and another tonight and then tomorrow too, so lunch time will be the best time.


      But I read La Tortuga's post about going a mile and it gave me an idea.  I decided to do a mile loop around my neighborhood twice.  Once easy and then once hard.   So a 9:47 and a 7:50.  I'll try to leave it at that and not complain about how slow my "fast" mile is.

      Humanity runs on coffee.

      Trails are hard!

        Sounds pretty good to me, DAve.  I get excited when I see a mile with an 8 at the start.


        Speaking of which--4 miles at 9:21.  Not an "8", but it was going down as the run progressed, so happy with that.  41° meant the first morning with hat and gloves.  Spent the first 1/2 mile wondering if I underdressed, so hit it perfectly.

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


          Good morning guys. A quick post as today is the last day of our lady's golf league. Got up at 4 dark thirty and headed out the door, promptly to turn around and come back in for warmer clothes. Holy cow!! 37°!! On September 17??? Anyway, 6.1 miles, 9:49 pace. First time out with gloves and a long sleeved shirt.


          Great pictures of Deez, Mariposai, Twocat and Jay. And Carolyn? Always a great running photo. Don't know how you do it. It's like you run with a makeup and hair crew Big grin




          Hi Mike, hi Slo - great to see your posts!


          Have a great day people!

            Hi Jlynne...I was contemplating Green Bay again on this mornings run. I sure do like that marathon.


            Yeppers, I've really fallen out of touch with this group and really do miss the daily interaction...I could list a multitude of reasons that don't mean squat. Most of it can be summed up to one four letter word. W O R K


            I did get a nice 10 miler in this am in 46 deg temps!!!! For the record, I'm lucky to have been averaging much more than a 20 mile week since January of this year...finally getting back into the groove. 2014 is going to be a year of records!

            Shirtless wonder

              Good morning and running all.

              Holly: Hang in there.


              Out for 4+ miles this morning for a fast easy pre-dawn run.  Not really tempo but last 2+ miles were in the high 7's pace.  So calling it a fast easy.  Temps were around 49F but wind made it feel a lot colder.  Starting to miss summer already and the real cold hasn't even begun.  Actually wore long sleeves today and even thought about gloves when the wind picked up.


              Also noticed you can tell school has started here because traffic increased - even before 5AM.  Not sure if bus drivers heading to HS to start work or just folks shifting commutes now to beat the school traffic.  But decided today that I need to pay more attention at cross streets with stop signs since 3 cars this morning never stopped.  One didn't even slow down.  A lot different than summer time when on some predawn runs only saw one car...usually delivering papers.


              Enjoy the day.


              Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


                Nice pics yesterday.

                Good to see Slo popping in again.


                I’m loving the cool temps this morning.


                EZ 6 today.



                I somehow got on a mailing list for Greg McMillan's site and have stayed on it because he occasionally sends out useful mailings.  Here's one.  Nothing profound or unexpected, but some nice reminders for those of us targeting a Fall marathon.




                As many of you enter the final stretch of training before your fall marathon, here are my 6 top tips for last minute preparation:


                #1) Don't get injured!

                Nothing is worse than being the fittest spectator at a marathon. Your #1 goal in these last few weeks is to keep injury at bay. Sounds easy but it's very hard for many of us. We want/need to get in the important workouts and long runs. You simply have to balance this desire to get in the training you want with how your body is responding. Be open to moving workouts around (usually spacing them farther apart) to allow your connective tissue the time it needs to heal. Sometimes an extra recovery day after a long run or hard workout is the difference between an injury and staying healthy. Listen to your body and remember that no runner's marathon was ruined by too much recovery but many have been ruined by too little recovery.


                #2) Pick Your Battles

                At this point in your training, the basic fitness has been built. That's what all the base training and build up in mileage was all about. Now, it's about refinement and that means putting all your focus on the key workouts. It comes down to the old adage, "Run hard on your hard days and easy on your easy days."  I encourage you to hold back on easy days so you can put forth your best effort in the marathon-specific workouts.


                #3) Dial It In

                Speaking of refinement, these last few weeks are also a great time to dial in your goal pace, nutritional strategy and equipment. Make sure that you get in some workouts where you simply try to run as relaxed as possible at goal marathon pace. The easier you can make this pace feel, the better your chance at success on race day. These last few weeks are also the time to dial in your nutritional strategy - that includes everything before, during and after the marathon. Experiment to see what works then practice it over and over so you are ready on race day. And, don't forget to use your race day gear in some of your key workouts and tune-up races.


                #4) Big 5

                While there are certainly lots of different workouts that you can/should do to get ready for the marathon, here are my 5 favs (all are outlined in articles and videos on my website):


                Fast finish long run - start at an easy pace but finish the last few miles very fast

                Steady long run - time on your feet is the key

                Tempo Run - push your threshold higher with this medium-effort, medium-distance run

                Yasso 800s - build to 10 x 800m, which is a classic marathon predictor workout

                1K Cruise Intervals - 10 x 1000m with 1 minute recovery jog at slightly faster than tempo run pace


                 #5) Master Your Mantra

                In the marathon, you'll spend a fair amount of time in your own head. What I mean is that you'll have to constantly battle the voice in your head urging you to slow down.  This voice will get increasingly louder and louder as the race goes on. I recommend you have a go-to mantra for when that voice gets loud. Come up with something that you can repeat mentally over and over during the hardest part of the race. It can be as easy as "stronger, stronger" or something that reminds you of why you are running the race in the first place (your family, a charity, etc.). No matter what it is, I find it very helpful to have something to take your attention away from the discomfort late in the race. A good mantra is the best way I've found.


                #6) Perfect Your Plan

                You spent a lot of time on your training plan. Now it's time to put some effort into your race weekend plan. Start 3 days out from the race and plan ahead for all the meals, activities as well as running you will do. Take care of any planning you can do ahead of time (making dinner reservations, finding grocery stores near your hotel, etc.). What you'll find is that when the weekend arrives, you can simply work your plan. You'll enjoy how much less stressful the pre-race days can be when you've planned ahead.

                  ...tet///............your Training Manual for TriAthletes is coming along wonderfully,,,

                  ,,,,,,keep the advise coming




                  well, the SwimTeam's back....



                  into the locker room,


                  the radio

                  was playing ''Crocodile Rock''

                  one of the kids

                  yelled ''I HATE THIS SONG!''


                  they all started singing it at the tops of ther lungs



                  wake you up in the morning





                  ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                  King of PhotoShop

                    Very sound advice Tramps.  I remember seeing Arthur Lydiard a few days before he died, and he had Greg McMillan with him to do most of the talking through the slides, as Arthur was very ill.  Greg was magnificent.


                    Jay, the calls went well in that I provided some needed help, but I am going to go back to the client and ask that I not be invited to so many of them, as they eat up a lot of time and at the rate I bill them, they could save a lot of money simply by sending me material and asking me questions about it. I could handle it in half the time, and I wouldn't have to spend 4 hours on various calls with lots of other people as I did yesterday.  Today I have 3 hours of calls but this will be it on this arrangement.  The key to being a good consultant is to make sure you do your best for the client so you get asked back. I am wasting their money the way things are right now.


                    What a good week I'm going to have. Another 3.4 easy paced miles today, 5+ tomorrow with 2 x 800, 2 mile recovery on Thursday, day off Friday and then a monster 20K race on Saturday. I am so ready.  Spareribs

                    MM #6177

                      Thanks for those tips Tramps. I'm officially in taper as of yesterday, and it's been rather daunting to keep my head in check all these weeks and months. This is the first cycle I'm not feeling like I could barely make it until I reached taper, so I'm happy about that. But still, as much as I try not to, I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop...


                      So I guess that's why I've been kinda silent here, even though I do skim every so often. And it's official, I'm mailing in the form for Avenue of the Giants today. Having that sort of commitment will somehow put me at ease, for some odd reason. Nah, probably just the distraction of yet another goal race, more like it. Or maybe I'm hedging my bet once again, that if I don't succeed in Wineglass, I have another shot already lined up for the spring? Oh my self-doubting subconscious, it's such a crafty thing....



                      MM #6177

                        Oh and love the photos from the relay yesterday! How I would've love to join you all, but the timing didn't work because of the holiday this weekend... Twocat, Mariposai, Deez and Jay, you guys look great! Congrats!!


                        And congrats to Wildchild on yet another fabulous trail marathon! Yes, you do always make it look so easy and relaxed... so glad I have you as my role model, for when I get so stressed about my races.... Smile

                        MM #5616

                          Jay, your anniversary dinner view sounds amazing.  I love the way you describe your views! Hope you two have many more happy years together.

                          Nice picture of Deez, Twocat, Mariposai, and Jay yesterday - another cool RA meetup!

                          Tramps - thanks for the training info.  Good stuff to remember...   even if I don't follow it...

                          Holly - sending more hugs.  It's really nice that your brother is there too.


                          Thank you all for the nice comments on my race and picture!  To answer a few:

                          Wildchild,  you always look so happy and at ease in your running photos. And how do you always get captured with your feet off the ground?? Nice AG win!



                          If I always look happy and at ease in my race photos, I'm obviously not running hard enough!  And as for the feet off the ground, for this particular race there were at least a dozen pictures of me (free photos, too!), and my feet were off the ground in 3!  There were photographers at three locations, and I saw them all as I was approaching, so I was smiling for the camera.  At some of my previous races I didn't see the photographer, and I didn't look happy at all...  I looked hot and  tired and grumpy.


                          And Carolyn? Always a great running photo. Don't know how you do it. It's like you run with a makeup and hair crew Big grin



                          Smile My makeup and hair crew abandoned me when it started raining...  I look like a drowned rat in my finish line pictures...




                          And congrats to Wildchild on yet another fabulous trail marathon! Yes, you do always make it look so easy and relaxed... so glad I have you as my role model, for when I get so stressed about my races.... Smile


                          OM, you usually have a target MP you're trying to hit, or a BQ goal.  I'd be stressed too if I was as fast as you and wanted to achieve those goals.   The nice thing about trail marathons is that those things go out the window, so you don't have to worry about much except not face planting.



                          You, too, wild!  How many marathons/ultras is that, now?  You've done so many in the last 15 months, I can't keep track.


                          Only 12 in the last 15 months...  9 marathons and 3 50ks.   And the marathon last weekend was my slowest.   But I'm not considering it a PW - none of these races are really comparable.   This is the elevation profile from Elk Creek:

                          This course was 13.1 miles long and the full marathoners did it twice.  My Garmin ran out of juice at mile 25 but you can extrapolate what the last mile looked like - downhill!  I looked at the half marathon results, and based on the time for my first lap, I would have won my AG in the half too!  Out of 14!   So even though I felt like I was really slow, everyone else in my AG was slower, so it's all good.

                          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                          Marathon Maniac #957

                            Howdy folks, just a quick fly-by as I am at work.


                            5.3 miles this morning in 51 degrees.


                            Thanks, btw, for all the hugs....Smile

                            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                              CNY, nice 10K race.  Jay, belated happy anniversary.  wild, great trail marathon.  mari, wonderful pictures.  Dave, you had a speedy second mile this morning.


                              Nice long runs for evan, Tramps, and slo.  Good job on the speedwork for Mike.


                              This morning, it was 35° when I went out and, 8 miles later at a 10:54 pace, it was 48°


                              A good day and good runs for all.



                              Sayhey! MM#130

                                Loved the peeksures, so much fun.

                                Carolyn, you can't talk your way out of what Jlynne said.  Big grin

                                <<Waving at Holly as she flies by...>>>>


                                happy belated Anniversay Jay; hope your allergies are subsiding and the project going a little better.


                                One of my running chums told me about a half marathon that finishes at Jet Blue Park (the spring training home of the Red Sox) in December.  Think that one has my name on it, o yes!


                                10 for me this am, still H&H here, although a little cooler, only about 73.




                        (for a piece or two of my mind)