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OT Help with a map for a wedding invitation (Read 257 times)

    Yikes, I thought I could do this, but so far can't find a way to save a map as a jpg We need to send my daughter's invitations out soon, and I thought this wouldn't be too hard. If anyone can take this map and send it to me as a jpg file, I'd appreciate it. Or, if there's a way to get a cleaner looking map, that would be great too. I think my email is in my profile, but it is starrmae at <http:"en&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=117721043008940471896.00044248a37bd9df01c3f&z=13&om=0"></http:>

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      Starr, Maybe this might help. Hally turned me onto a freeware called Printkey 2000: It allows you to "take a picture" of whatever is on your screen, and then save it as an image file. You could try mapping it at and to see if you like the looks of their maps better.

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        Thanks Holly. I did figure out how to use the Print Screen button and paste it into Paint where I saved it as a .bmp file. I still don't like the looks of it, but maybe my future son-in-law has it figured out like he was supposed to weeks ago! I also have a niece in Graphic Arts so emailed her for help too.