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Wed Jan 2 (Read 691 times)

    Good morning, everyone. Windy and cold this morning -- 27F but 15 mph winds makes it "feel like" 14F. Still, bundled up it wasn't too bad to run 5 miles. Workout: 4.1 miles, 8:06/mi, AHR 149 (target 150) Overall: 5.1 miles, 41:33 Have a great day!

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      Good morning, 4 miles for me this morning in 36:35 Happy new year everyone a day late. Cheers, Mike
        Yesterday's run was cut short at 1.45 miles 'cause I got a call from work and had to run home to deal with it via remote login. You'd think I could get one stinkin' day of peace... But at least I didn't have to go in and was able to spend the day at home. I even had a little nap in the afternoon. Today I made up for it with 10 miles at GA pace (9:35). That wind did make it feel cold out there this morning. Stay warm, folks.

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          Ditto on temps, wind and real feel temp as WRFB. Bundled and it was fine. Tory and I went for an EZPZ 6 mi in 56:01 (9:20, AHR 152.. high due too stiff wind portions..brr). Of course today is trash day so debris was everwhere! Steve

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            I didn't run this morning; rather I'll run this evening at the track and get in some speed work. Perhaps a nice tempo run but most likely 7 miles with 5 or 6x800 meter repeats. Our temps dropped overnight a bunch and the temp we have right now will be the high for the day. 30s expected by tonight. Bundle up all. Ribs - I have a 10K this weekend. Then I have the Miami HM the end of this month and the A1A HM the middle of next. I have a couple of 5K's I'm looking at. Other than that, considering something late spring. Bill

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              G'morning folks, Think I'll run later, it's 16* now, but it's suppose to warmup to 20* after while. be careful out there. jjj
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                Last night I fell off the back steps and twisted my left ankle. Iced it twice last night, but it's still sore today as I knew it would be. I'll see what I feel up to doing today. Erika, I'm sorry about your dog. If the foolish thing ran away, I can't see how that's your fault. Dark Horse
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                  Wow - so nice to see the old gang here! I took a vacation from the computer over the holidays and was dismayed to find the Boomers and Beyond pretty much abandoned when I logged on New Year's Eve. DH - bummer about the ankle - hope it is nothing serious. Be careful! I had a great 12 days off from work - I haven't had that much vacation time over the holidays since I was a resident at LSU. It made it very hard to come back to work. I finally achieved the goal I set a couple of years ago when I started training by heart rate. I wanted to be able to run a 6 mph pace with heart rate in the low 140's. When I started the training I was having to do 14 minute miles to keep my heart rate that low. I didn't make improvements by leaps and bounds, and it was frustrating at times, but it has definitely paid off in the long run. 6.15 miles on the treadmill this morning. Good runs to all! Sue

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                    Core work yesterday, which I never posted. 6.2 miles today. If you do tempo miles but your Garmin dies, do they count? I had four tempo miles in there today--I'm guessing in the 7:20s--but, man, it's hard to keep yourself motivated once you realize your Garmin battery's died and there's no record of all this. Grrrr. 28F or so with steady winds swirling some snow flurries around.

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                      Hi all Smile My calf is still sore, so no running yet....yeah, going through serious running withdrawals Sad But I have spent 2 hours each day on my cycling trainer the past 2 days, which helps me keep my sanity. Nice runs all, some pretty cold temps out there. It's only 2 degrees here in Indiana with the wind chill 20 to 30 below zero. A quick question....with a calf strain or pull like I have, do I use ice? I only ask because ice make my calf hurt more, and I assume stretching is a bad idea till the pain is gone, right? Well, actually I can't find a stretch anyways that isolates the sore spot. Hope 2008 bring happiness and good running to all.... Tim

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                        Good morning, I got to bed too late last night to get up in time to run so I'll have to pass today or try to get a run in later tonight...temps tomorrow morning expected to dip into the teens. Back to the old grind today....good runs to everyone.

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                          Good Morning! Lots of nice racing yesterday. {{{Dark Horse’s ankle and knee}}} {{{Erika’s dog – hope you find your way home soon}}} Sue – welcome! Someone was just asking about you. 5.1 slow (ave 11:30) miles for me today in 9 degrees, snow flurries, 16-20mph winds, and 4” of fresh snow. Bless that paper carrier, out before me and leaving a nice tire track for me to run on. After 2 miles I swung back by my house for my fleece hood, but other than that I was appropriately dressed and felt comfortably warm. Erika – those silk long underwear from Land’s End under my running pants are just the ticket for this weather – kept me toasty warm today. Thanks again for the tip. Temps here are supposed to be up near 60 on Monday. I love southern Ohio weather – you never know what to expect. Smile Back at work today. No more work holidays for me until Memorial Day. Sad Except for that long weekend at the end of April. Wink

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                            biketm my experience has been that it is hard to go wrong with putting ice on an injury for about 15 minutes. It brings in the blood supply. It looks like all of North America has been hit by the big freeze. It was soooo cold out this morning. But tomorrow is supposed to be much worse here in CT. So my training partner and I decided to do some schedule rearranging. Instead of running 13 today we did 16.14mi@9:29. Then we are taking tomorrow's 11 mile run and Friday's 9 miler and swapping them and subtracting the extra three miles from today from tomorrow's run. So that makes tomorrow's run 6 miles in what will be 18 degree or so weather. Brrrr . . . I hope everybody's run is warmer than mine was!

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                              Sue, glad you found us! Back at work here, too. Big transition looming and it's not going to be pretty. Suffice it to say that my running forum life and my work life have a lot of parallels at the moment. 2 miles on the treadmill at the nearly deserted Y. First run in quite a while. My ankle was a little tender towards the end. Then a quick 800 in the pool. My most strenuous task this morning was digging the end of our driveway out from the snow plow. Good runs or workouts, Mark

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                                Yesterday's run was cut short at 1.45 miles 'cause I got a call from work and had to run home to deal with it via remote login.
                                Next time, PDR, leave your cell phone at home when you go out to run! Roll eyes Econo: I keep hearing about this "double run" or whatever it was that you did. So where's the RR? I haven't seen anything either here or at kick. Confused After a hard run on Monday, and an hour of X-C skiing yesterday, I was just looking for a recovery run today. The roads around the campus were plowed, but there was a lot of packed snow and other slippery stretches. This was my first tryout of the YakTrax that I got for Christmas, and they worked great! Very sure footing for a 2.7-mile run at about a 10-minute pace, and I'm sure I'd feel OK running faster with them the next time.

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