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Friday's Daily, 10.12.12 (Read 346 times)

Bushrat Runner

    Four miles at lunch. Was seriously dragging. I can get away with a couple short nights, but this has been four in a row, and I was feeling it today.


    Flight back on Wednesday night:

    Approaching Redoubt, mountains above and below the wisps o' cloud.


    Mount Redoubt.

    Mt Iliamna.

      Awesome photos, Troy. What folks here may not realize is that Redoubt and Iliamna are active volcanoes, and Redoubt has caused problems with ash eruptions in the last few years.


      Woohoo and a ^5 for Tammy's son! WTG David!


      Hi Debbie! It's so good to see you popping in to the daily lately. And Gordon? You too! I still have that Lynden WA magnet of the wooden shoes on my fridge.... 


      Hi Paavo!! 


      Thanks, Ribs!!


      Nice running, you guys, and so nice to see Byllger in the daily! I've just scanned stuff the last week, so I'm sure I've missed lots. I haven't run since last Saturday. Trying to give my shin a chance to rest up. Nally (remember him?) thinks I have a stress fracture. I'm trying to not think of that, but admit I have considered it. So.... 25 minutes hard elliptical workout today, and 25 minutes equally hard (or more so) weight work out. Bulgarian split-squats are hard!!