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    in my earlier running career i listened to books on tape (i had an early subscription to audible several years ago) but now i listen to npr shows and swedish radio shows when i run for the first hour, then end up on some music (djsteveboy) for the last mile or so. i love monday runs because i get to listen to wait wait don't tell me. when i listened to books on tape the reader made a big difference. some books i couldn't wait to get out, but others almost derailed my running plans. the radio shows keep me interested in a different way. susan
      MC Ran my first trainig run while listening to Steve Berry's Alexandria Link yesterday. It's a very soothing way to run, as it' s so much lower key than music, so perfect for long slow runs. Although I very much enjoyed it, I could not listen to an audiobook if I had to run mid tempo. That's when I will listen to my rock/alternative music and then for the real fast stuff I must run sans I like to feel in the moment. But it's a great way to mix it up based on your run's nature. Great thread Ray Tall

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        "This American Life" podcasts all go about an hour, and they're great for running. You'll laugh, you'll cry, etc.

          I starting reading bokks while running but I kept running into things Shocked

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            I have got a french course which I have on my mp3, I listen to and repeat while running, did the first lesson today, good job it's along empty country trails. Big grin I think it's called Pimsler. Roy
            Roy that reminds me... my dh got a set of cd's on German, his family's native language and one I took three years of in high school, but we're both badly in need of a refresher course. I could set up the cd player for when I'm on the treadmill... I don't wear headphones when I run outside, too much traffic (bikes, runners, cars, dogs, etc). BAP, I know... it was either put the book down or get a helmet!!