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Tuesday First Day of 2008 (Read 665 times)

    back to report the first run of the year - 6 miles in 1:21:44 for a pace of 13.36, the first run in training for the HM in april. out on the snowy icy roads in the ice bugs with DH and pelle. it was a shades of gray run - about 17F, not too cold. DH is one fast walker - but we actually ran together for about a quarter of a mile. pelle is now off leash - we have very little traffic on our road, and when pelle hears a car (always before we do), he comes directly to us and runs right by my knee. he doesn't chase anything when he is "working" (like deer or chipmunks or squirrels); as long as he knows the "border collie rules" he does what he's supposed to. (he never chases deer; only chases chipmunks that are *not* by the house, and only chases chipmunks or squirrels off to the left side of the road, not to the right which would mean crossing the road). if we run on route 20, he is on a very short leash which is hooked on my waist pack. hope erika's pup has made it home. and a brrrrrr to the seattlites who started the year with a dip in lake washington! time for work, susan