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Wednesday November 28 Chilly Runs (Read 389 times)

      Hi to you , Jeff.  I like that phrase--I think I'll steal it. Wink  Since that's sort of where I am at the moment, and thinking of a spring marathon, I was wondering if you were using any particular plan.  I've done the Higdon beginner and intermediate Half plans and will probably do a modified Full version.


    Anyone else that would like to chime in, I would love to hear from you--new AND old.  (Although old is relative here, I guess Clown Wink

     You are in Pal! You are so ready for your first marathon, hey, the Easy Pacer and I will even design a shirt for you to wear on your first marathon...just DO IT!


    I used Higdon's plan as my bible for my first marathon, it works!! I still mix and match his plan with others when I am not focused for a target race, when I have a goal in mind...then I  plead for help Wink.


    I know that our speed/snow queen Erika uses Higdon's as well.!


    Boy ohhh will be fun to see you gear up for your first marathon as it was so much fun to cheer OrangeMat and WildChild run their first marathon this year. Anyone else? I  hope I am not missing anyone.

    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

      Yep, I've been using my customized variation of the Higdon Intermediate II plan for several years. I still have the original and check it every now and then, but add hills, tempos and longer T/Th runs sometimes. So much depends on how much time I have though, and lately that time has been hard to come by. I only ran 2 marathons this year, and after the year I had last year that just seems weirdly low...


      Sorry about your streak, Cindy, but there will be other chances. The thing about streaks is its too easy for them to "own" you, when it should be the other way around.


      Nice to see so many new faces around here! It'll be fun to get to know you folks as time goes by, and I look forward to meeting some of you IRL at races in the future! Some of you have some downright impressive weight loss stories... Drake comes to mind, but I know there are a couple others.  Good for you!


      Missed my lunchtime workout today for various reasons. Drat. But DH and I went to Planet Fitness after work, him to do elliptical and weights, me to run. I much prefer to run on my treadmill in my cool garage, but wanted to go with him. That place is so damn hot!! I had to stop at mile 2 for water, then at mile 3, then at mile 3.5... etc, etc. It got ugly at the end, my face was bright red and my hair dripping sweat, bleh. I just hate that. Why do they keep it so hot in there? Anyway, I managed 7.1 drippy hot miles in an hour and was glad to be done. Sure wish it would warm up... It'll hit minus-30° tonight. Getting more than a little tired of this streak.