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40's on the Run -- Week of 1/13/08 (Read 678 times)


    Hello everyone I haven't been around but I have been running - I'm doing the Hal Higdon's spring training plan, we have a group back at that old place and it's helped to follow a plan with a group that's on the same page so to speak. There's a 10K I'd like to do in April so that's what I'm shooting for. The other bit of news is that I finally listened to that Bertinelli chick and called Jenny. It's not been easy at times but so far so good, 3.5 gone the first week and I'm adjusting pretty well. I didn't start running to lose weight and it is true, you run for fitness, eat for weight. Because while it's changed my life and my body is completely different and I feel so different, not one pound off in the last year since I started running. Funny, but the thing that really got me motivated to take the weight off is not looking better etc but that it would help the running. I can't stop thinking about how much easier the runs would be, how much longer the distances could be, if I could drop 30 which I really need to - anyway, funny what finally motivated me, huh? Have a good weekend everyone. You guys are the best!

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      I can't stop thinking about how much easier the runs would be, how much longer the distances could be, if I could drop 30 which I really need to - anyway, funny what finally motivated me, huh?
      There's a saying among animal trainers: Get the behavior. It doesn't matter how or why, what you want is results. So whatever motivates you is a GREAT thing! I ran today. Like an idiot Tongue 37 degrees, raining, and I walk out the door and run just over three miles. Heh.

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        The week from heck is finally over. Only ran once but will be good to go tomorrow. Worked outside monday, MRI tues, farmer continuing ed wednesday, biz apptmnts thurs, dentist oral surgeon yest (4 root canals, 1 extraction). The good news of the week is no stress fracture and on the dental front all my root canals and extractions are done, just a few crowns and gum work left. My fave pt is on maternity leave until Feb so found a chiro that is an avid runner and not a "bone popper" to see next week. The chiro wanted to see my MRI so picking up the disc. We shall see......... Angie agree with what you are saying on the weight loss/running thing, although I had some help from the oral surgeon. I kept going to this site for motivation. Great you got out there SB Carol your only nuts in a good way Wink Races are so much fun and so motivating. Mtn Chk ever run with your ski goggles? I do that a lot it really helps with the windchill. BTW I think we are going to Estes next weekend for a snowshoe thing.

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          R2: Good luck w/your chiro!! (fingers crossed) & no, I haven't tried running w/my ski goggles ~ other than across MJ parking lot last Sunday Wink wherein I was also running in SB gear!! & then I had a brain flash of "I wonder how far I could comfortably run in full SB gear, sans the boots!? (I have 'step-ins" so they're almost as stiff as ski boots!) That snowshoe thing @ Estes looks kewl! I noticed they are also holding a 5K/10K race.....we'll be in Breck/Copper for business mtg mixed w/SB'ing.....Stock show & Boat show this wknd....gonna try to squeak in a run before hand.... Hey Angie! Great to see ya! me too on the weight thing....trying to balance losing 25 w/correctly fueling runs & recovery....doing lotsa reading lately....had great success last Spring w/calorie counting (was also alot of work w/journaling, etc....) lost 40lbs, but stalled out when I ramped up my mileage Confused I think I was just getting much hungrier & w/Summer schedules - BBQ's, campouts, etc....just fell off the Fall (& as long as I'm getting some mileage in) I'm not gaining back any, so I just haven't been focused on finishing the job.....time to plug back into it though 'cause jeez am I a slloooooww runner!! Wink Yay Silly Bear!! Smile
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            Dang r2farm.....busy, busy week for you. Glad to hear you are going to see a Chiro, an avid running Chiro at that. That's great! Mtnchk/Angie.....I hear ya on the lbs. than can creep up on you. I am short (5ft. 2in.), and 5 or 10 extra pounds on me is undescribably yuck! I could sure stand to lose a few lbs. that have snuck up on me these last couple of months. Woot, woot for sillybear! Got an easy 3 miles in this morning. The temps today are suppose to hit 80. Tomorrow the high is only suppose to be 60. WTH! Have a great weekend ya'll.........Jewels
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              Hey, Sillybear, way to go. Sometimes a run like that is all it takes to get you back into a groove for a while. I was supposed to take a rest day today, but I painted for a couple of hours, then saw that at 2:45 it had quietly climbed to almost 40F here in Albany; good excuse to rinse out the brush, wait for the first coat to dry, and get in a head clearing run break. Ran 5 miles in 47:00, which works out to 9:24's. I ran with my watch again today (two days in a row, very unusual for me lately), and checked my times at the mile markers, noting that I was right around 9:22 or 9:23 on every mile. I'm happy with that, especially because it was a headwind on the way out and a tailwind on the way back in. Discipline will keep me from running too fast this early in the ramp up period. Let's hope I find the discipline that keeps me from running too far and too often, too. I'm starting a 10k program in a couple of weeks and wanted to make sure I was hitting 20mpw comfortably for a week or three before the program started. My last two weeks total 40 miles, so I'll just shoot for 20 next week and see if the timing allows for a cutback week before the program kicks in in February (I'll have to check my computer at work - can't remember now). Good luck, good runs, and happy weekend everyone. My family and I are going to the 1st Relay For Life planning party I mean meeting tonight at a friend's house. bty
                Hey Angie, good to see ya! What you said about the running being the motivation to lose weight makes a lot of sense. Losing weight for losing weight's sake is just very hard for some reason. Running better is like a built in reward. I started participating in the weight loss thread here in the master's group, and they are a nice bunch. Would love to see you posting there! Bear, way to get out there! We knew you'd do it. Some rather un-texaslike weather we're having, huh?! I just wanted to thank you guys for the encouragement to run that 5K this morning. There were several folks who are near and dear to me telling me it was a bad idea (too cold, too soon after having a cold, pushing it too much w/ my hip, etc.). I know they were just trying to protect me. But sometimes it's just so refreshing to come here and get positive reinforcement that it's OK to go out and have fun with this running stuff, even when it seems a little odd to others. Speaking of odd, today's 5K was called "Bold in the Cold", and cold it was! It was about 25 degrees at the start, but the strong north wind coming off the lake made it feel colder. Not sure the wind speed, but there were white caps on the lake. Mom decided to run today too, and she has so little body fat that she was really feeling the cold. We huddled behind the clubhouse as long as we could to stay out of the wind, and then headed for the start. We had agreed to run our own races, and I started at about 9:00 pace. I held pretty close to that the whole race, and finished in 28:29 according to my Garmin, and 28:45 according to the race clock (this was not a chip timed race). Splits were: 9:06, 9:09, 9:01, and the big "sprint" at the end at 7:59 pace. My previous PR is actually 28:29, so start to finish, I tied that, but of course not really since that's not the official time. So while not a true PR, I was pleased with the time based on the setbacks I have had over the last few months, and the fact that I've done nothing but slow runs of late. Also had a good time running with a couple of similarly paced folks. We were total strangers, and didn't say a word during the race, but pushed and pulled each other along the whole way. I talked to one of them afterwards, and she enjoyed that aspect of it too. Mom's time was around 27:30, and she was the only one in her age group (she's 66), so she got a 1st place ribbon! With that time, she would have placed in several age groups much her junior as well.
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                  Carol, Caroll, Carol, I'm so glad you ran that race. What a fantastic time. Like you said, with all of your set backs and everything those are some great splits. Your mom's time was great as well. Dang....66 and running like that. That's great. You took the time off that you needed, you listened to your body and I think you are on an upswing with the whole running thing. bty-You are getting in some great weeks. Sounds like a nice run/pace for you today and you even got some painting done inbetween. WOOT! Congrats........Jewels
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                    Hi Everyone, It seems like it's been forever since I even got to read in here, much less post something. Work has been crazy, and it's cutting into my Runningahead time. Cry I ran the PF Chang 1/2 last Sunday. It was perfect weather only getting up to about 60F by the time we were leaving the event to go home. I finished, which was my goal! Smile Now it's time to work on being able to go longer and faster without as many walk breaks. I know...all in due time. I also will be working on some hills, when I find some close. I'm signed up for the Napa Trail 1/2 on March 29. I'm looking forward to the setting, and visiting some family that live in the area. I hope to have a little more time next week, and try and post a little more about my experience in the PF Chang. Stay safe. Salty
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                      Busy Group we are! Awesome race Carol and Carol's Mom too.That's some Really Good times there young ladies!!Wow!! Yes Cindy=hang in there with the cold. Brian and I have had pretty reasonable weather here on the east side so far... Nice runs Brian, good thinking with the gentle ramp up. Farm- that's Great news you're through all that.I'm positive you'll be finding a way to be safely running soon. Silly Bear and Angie- come on kids,don't sweat it, we all do it one step at a time! Smile Jewels- better bundle up.I think it's going to get colder than that down there. Salty= Good seeing you man,and a very nice race pace for you too!! Big grin Supposed to be 20* with 20mph winds at normal Sun morn run time tomorrow,so I did it tonight instead.A dark 14.7 m@ 9:58 pace at the park and bike trail.Nothing to do tomorrow but watch footbal Big grinl!!! Go NYG's !!





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                        Carol - awesome race! Your mom is incredible, I assume she's been at this for awhile? Anywya, looks like you're back. I think people tell you to take it easy because they're working on the assumption that running is basically harmful. BTW, I hear your pain on the Texas version of cold - that would be super cold here, too! r2 - man, you did have a week from hell! You must feel pretty worked over. That weight/running time calculator is interesting, I've sometimes been tempted to drop a few lbs to be faster, but the tradeoff (if you're already at a healthy weight) is increased risk of even happens in male elite runners, like Bill Rodgers (this article is about bone health in runners of both genders): Heya, salty, good to see ya! Did you post a race report! I love HMs! Arla

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