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Stormy Monday 12/10 (Read 436 times)

    Good morning.

    Since I have passed the worthiness test,and have not been kicked off the site. I'll go crazy here and start another daily.

    I'm drinking a cup of coffee and heading out in about 10 minutes to do my Monday long run. This has turned out to be one of my favorite days to run since starting again in April. I can get a few hours in if needed,and still be home in time to drive a few of the younger kids to school. I don't know if "stormy" really applies,more like drizzle really.  I DO love T Bone Walker,so I figured I'd throw that in the title.

    For those of you not hip to the Bone-

    (try finding a good Stormy Monday vid on You tube!)

     My favorite T-Bone vid though. If only  I could play guitar like this-

    Anyway,great Packers win last night BTW.

    I hope everybody's runs,walks,or rest,go well.

    delicate flower

      Good morning, fellow runners!  Happy Monday morning!  Drake, enjoy your 10 miler! 


      Nice, low-key weeked with for me and DW.  I got in 8 miles of speedwork on the treadmill Saturday, then we did dinner and a movie (Skyfall) with friends.  We spent yesterday at a greyhound charity event (dogs, not busses) then did housework all afternoon while football was on.  I gotta say, with the Rams (my team) being at .500 and in playoff contention after 13 games, this season is going better than I could have hoped. 


      8-9 easy miles on the treadmill for me after work.  I'm a weather wimp.  Rain and wind means treadmill.  I swear, with yesterday being a rest day, I feel more aches and pains today than I do the day after a hard run.


      Enjoy your Monday!


        We saw Skyfall also with some friends Friday evening.  Good movie.  This Bond movie had the action of course (and needless to say the Bond girls), but it also had a great story involving "M".  I liked that about it a lot.


        Saturday afternoon, after playing 18 holes in the morning, I went for a Bike ride.  I ended up with 32.3 miles at 19 miles/hour.  I'm happy with that.  The longest (though it's not long for the "real" cyclists) and fastest I've ridden since i was like 16 or something.  But what I'm really happy about is that the legs were fine after the ride on Saturday and still good on Sunday.


        And this morning I was able to run 10 miles at about 9 minute/mile pace with no issues.



        "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

          Good morning all, 

          Tripped down to Lexington, Kentucky for the USATF National Team Cross Country Championships. we had 14 runners and luggage in a 15 person van. Good thing everyone was thin. When I signed up for this I was supposed o be the 5th man on the 50+ team, that's the only reason I was going.

          Well the team fell apart due to injuries and we were left only 3 guys. It was a rainy weekend so the course had several muddy areas.

          I feared coming in last so not doing that was my #1 goal. Goal #2 was to beat someone in my age group. 

          Anyway I did acheive those goals despite taking a wrong for .1 mile before turning around for .2 mile mistake. Official time 54:10, may have had about 52 if not for the wrong turn.  More on the wrong turn later. 

          Watching the open mens race was amazing. The field was so fast that Alan Webb finished 7th.


          Have a great day!

          Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

            Drake—T-Bone fan? Nice.  I like a lot of the old blues legends.

            Byll—nice ride!


            5 mile recovery run for me in some decent fog.

              ..mornin' guys//...........RestDay......


              Christmas Choir went well,


              had an orchestra,

              each muscian

              teaches the instrument at our college


              my 3 favorites were



              ''Glory to God'' by handel


              ''Gesu Bambino''


              naturally the orchestra had a MeltDown on the last song, which is kinda cool........


              I asked Claire

              what her Favorite Part was


              she said ''Clapping''





              .................And Merry Christmas............

              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                5 easy miles in the PNW drizzle...

                Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                  Go Claire! Thanks TW and lots of great reasons to clap.


                  Ran about 4.5 easy miles out here in Pomona---that post-race massage made getting out the door this morning pretty easy even if my body is still on east coast time. I am ready for lunch soon!




                  MTA: Nice work Sarge! The young men of the WMDP (Western Mass Distance Project) were there (bright blue singlets). I ran the regional race but lives intervened to make the trek to Kentucky out of the question. I ran club nationals as a high schooler and always loved the experience. The top runners really just fly by and it's fabulous to watch. Good on you for seeing it through and representing your club well.

                    Good morning guys! 

                    Drake, great run today. How many kids do you guys have?

                    Baboon, enjoy your rest day. The muscles need the break to heal up Wink.

                    Sarge, participating in the USATF National Team Cross Country Championships must be so cool!!!

                    Bregarcito, look at you raking up those bike miles like they are nothing! I saw Skyfall twice and really, really liked it. 


                    No running for me this morning, but I will go to the gym after work. My DH has two meetings after work, so I will be home alone which translates to more time to be at the gym. 


                    And the count down begins for me... five more days before I fly to S.A. to see my family! I can't wait!.

                    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                    King of PhotoShop

                      Bill, the problem with the M plot is that she's now out of the series.  I liked her too.


                      Good job Karin.


                      Nice that your daughter ran with you Enke.


                      My son Riblet completed his first Half yesterday, and I am proud of him too. He's 16, and this morning he didn't have much to say, other than that his legs are sore.


                      2 miles of recovery at a good pace.  As I didn't run fast yesterday I feel like today is simply the day after a normal long run.


                      Thank you all for the kind words yesterday. I am fine, and seeing the cardiologist on the 19th.  I have no races before that appointment, so all is well. Spareribs


                        Just catching up on Sunday's read while I had a minute. No run yet but it will be there.


                        Nice racing in the half marathon world in the Master's group.


                        Smart move on the med tent Ribs. Hopefully the cardiologist can provide proper answers.


                        On our health front, each day gets better. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Pathology report due today and I am nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.


                        I think I may run a half this weekend. You have to wear a Santa hat and beard. Sounds like a fun run instead of a race which is ok with me right now.



                        "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                        "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                          Mariposai,I have 7 kids between the ages of 13 months to 19 years.  5 are still living here at home. We have our own baseball team.


                          Tramps,I was born on the west side of Chicago,so I guess the blues are in my blood. I grew up with a pretty diverse taste in music. My dad,an audiophile, would listen to Bach and Brahms,and then 5 minutes later,Emerson,Lake,and Palmer to Pink Floyd,and just about anything else. I'm pretty much the same way,I couldn't tell you what my favorite is,it just depends on my mood.


                          OK,now my run. I left the house a little late,so my long run was cut down to 6.25. I drove my kids to school,then went out and did another 3. I've never done this before,but I'm trying to get creative and be flexible with my running to get my miles in. 40-45 per week is easy to do when the kids are not in school,but this time of year it's a challenge to get 30-35. So I'm trying a few new things. I felt like my blood sugar was low on the 2nd run,just a little weak ,fatigued,and hungry. So that's why I cut it short,otherwise I was going to see if I could get another 6 in,for a total of 12.25,no go. Well now I know I have to have a little more to eat than a cup of black coffee and a banana if I'm going to be up for 5 hours before I finish running in 2 parts.

                            6.2 miles and not even the slightest twinge of discomfort and I even ate before I ran.  Things could be looking up.  I don't want to get too excited yet.


                            I saw a commercial for a TV crime drama on MundoFox called "La Mariposa". 




                            The series is based on an original story by investigative reporter, Gerardo Reyes, about the life of an attractive and intelligent woman notorious for being one of the most wanted international fugitives pursued by the United States government. In this fictional interpretation, viewers are introduced to Alicia Benitez, better known as 'La Mariposa,' a woman in charge of a money laundering ring created to support the drug trafficking trade between the United States and Colombia. Alicia Benitez is played by Maria Adelaida Puerta, also known for her highly acclaimed role as "La Perrys" in "El Capo."


                            This dangerous romance will take viewers on a nightly roller coaster ride full of action, passion and suspense and will pose the question: How far are you willing to go for love.

                            Humanity runs on coffee.

                            King of PhotoShop

                              I see Dave has exposed the true Mariposai. BTW Dave, glad to see you are making progress with your health issues.


                              Here are Riblet (16) and SpareTire (40) just after the race yesterday, Riblet's first Half. 



                              This write-up on the race deals only with the new course, so unless you're interested in what makes a good Half course, pay no mind:




                                Sad story from the Cross Country Championships!





                                I crossed this intersection about 10 times with weekend the last one on Saturday was about 15 minutes after the accident.

                                Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.