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    breger - good luck in tomorrow's race! teresadp - nice job on the longest run ever. It feels great to go far. Erika - I was really glad to hear the pooch is home. I see he was feeling guilty for a few hours, as he should, but glad he's back to normal. The weather here was challenging, but not nearly as cold as some of you are reporting. 39F and a sleety rain. The wind storm came through last night, we had probably 50mph winds, not quite as bad as California. It was breezy for my run, but the trail I run on is lined with trees, so it's not too windy in most of the places. Some blow downs, but not as bad as the last wind storm (90 mph winds). I managed another 3.8 miles in wet weather. I was rather dehydrated when I went out and that was making it hard to keep my heartrate down, so there was quite a bit of walking. Still, I'm going farther on a consistent basis and the run/walk ratio is slowly improving.
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      pjh: the earliest carb loading experiments had a 3 day depletion phase, followed by a three day loading phase. during the depletion you cut most or all carbs out of your diet. the idea was that if your body was fully depleted of carbs, and thus most of your glycogen, you would absorb the carbs more effectively during the following carb loading phase. recent research didn't verify this result though, so it's a dubious result. it's a tiring phase... i get really grumpy, and my heart rate sky-rockets on easy runs when i'm carb depleting... but i did it last year, and i'm an animal of habit...
      MC - when I read up on carbloading last spring, I read that running 2 miles the day before the race with a 3-4 minute sprint included, and then eating highcarbs within 20 minutes of that, was about as equally effective. Since most of what I read suggested that carbloading is only minimally effective for women, this was the route I took, in addition to eating about 1/3 more calories than normal on the day before the race, as opposed to 3 days of pigging out, which for me would only lead to being logey and sluggish. However, you are also MUCH much more disciplined than I am, to be able to stick do the depletion. I'd never make it. Smile

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


        {{soundrunner}} feel better soon! Rain storms have been hitting the southland. Mr. Forward was so excited this week, as a member of the swift water rescue team, he got to practice hanging from a cable dangling from a helicopter over flash floods. Shocked Big grin 20 mile run for me along the beach path, luckily the rain was very light here.


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          Excellent 20 miler Ilene! Wow. 0835 35 F Walked 3 miles with Veta and a neighbor and her dog. My neighbor and I are both nurses. I haven't worked in nursing for 7 years. She has a phd in nursing and teaches at UVA. We had a very good discussion on the nursing situation. Here are two things we decided: 1. Every patient needs to have a family member stay with them in the hospital as an advocate. 2. We are optimistic that the situation is going to improve. 1400 53 F Ran 6 miles (first mile with the rocket scientist, then he took off and ran 14 miles). When he left, I turned on my iPod. Thanks to Emcee and Econo, I have become "Hooked On Classics" I listened to a fabulous playlist of my own making. I especially like listening to some opera guy singing "Figuro" (reminded me of the Disney classic, "Willie, the Operatic Whale". And I liked listening to "Santa Lucia" (reminded me of Barney Fife)
            Great 20 miler Mrs. Forward and all the rest who you who run thier LR regardless of the weather condition. Fjordrunner...I am so glad to hear that you had the chance to run in Mazama today. I hope your DH feels better soon. Soundie...count me in for a Spring skiing in the Methow. Maybe the end of Feb. Susan and I already have a date for a get-together then...let's party!. Anyone else? Ankie, Andy, Davechief, Tet? are an opera lover also? Great news since there are few crazy souls who actually loves opera!!!!. I decided to not run today and reserve my endurance to XC skiing tomorrow. I am going with a group of ladies and knowing them...they will take me to the wild side. Does anyone have a skiing to running convertion table? I will be out there for a good 4 the trip should be worth more than just XT. Undecided

            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard


              I had great weather for a long run. It was 41° and slightly windy but not enough to hurt. Being 4 weeks away from taper time, I tried another easy 26.2 but quit at 23. It just wasn't feeling as relaxed as it did 2 weeks ago. I did 26.2 in 3:49:20 (8:45) and today's 23 took 3:22:08 (8:47). It was still a quality session as I saved the suffering for race day. Just 2 more 20+ mile runs before tapering.
              GrandMaster you are! You put in some amazing LRs at really good times/paces given the relatively low overall mileage you run. (I peeked at your log.) How do you do it? Do you have a history of running a lot and also injury free? Btw, congratulations and continued good running. PJ
                8 miles of increasing pace on the treadmill... It never really warmed up, and with the ad for the old appliances in the paper I didn't want to wander too far from home. Miles 2 through 7 at or above marathon pace, overall time was 1:08:50 for about 8:34 m/m avg pace. Nice run. Sure love Solarmix 6... it's my absolute favorite, #8 is next. Holly, I'd never make it thru the depletion phase either. I like your approach much, much better! Dromedary, I love your avatar!


                  Been out visiting with friends rode 8.75 on bike then gallowalked 25.25 (8r/2w) then rode bike 8.75 home long but fun day. coupla 1-2 inches of snow on most parts of the trail, and pretty soggy otherwise drank 4 liters of fluids ate 2 clifbars and a banana 2x3 10 second leg dips in the ice bucket when I got home, those things work. JJJ
                  Iron Mt. Trail Runners blogsite .... JJJessee blogsite ....Spring is here. Go outside and play.
                    Meeting my new woman's children tonight for the first time, so want to be ready for this very important occassion. Tall
                    We hope it went well Tall. Get well real fast. Marathon Derrick, your run sounds like the way to start a good day. TomS, Your family is off for quite the adventure!!!! Have fun. Rest day today.


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                      GrandMaster you are! You put in some amazing LRs at really good times/paces given the relatively low overall mileage you run. (I peeked at your log.) How do you do it? Do you have a history of running a lot and also injury free? Btw, congratulations and continued good running. PJ
                      I've only had one serious downtime injury and that was a herniated disc in my back during the summer of '06. I suspect my job had more to to with it than running. As I've aged, I keep reading how people "my" age may benefit from less training days but longer runs. Under normal circumstances, I train 4 days a week, Su-T-Th-Sa. In the last 4-5 weeks before a marathon, I sometimes add a 5 mile easy run on Wed. My schedule seldom varies .... Su is recovery, Tue is intervals, Thu is tempo, and Sat is long or race. As for mileage, last year I did 1810. With that mileage, I had a very good racing year getting 2 BQ's and winning my A.D. in one marathon, 3 halfs, and several 5k's. My job is very physical and I kinda look at it as cross training. Someone with a desk job might have a problem getting the results I get on the mileage I do.
                      At the end of the day, be happy with where you are and what you've accomplished.
                        Feeling weak and a little woozy right now, so will grab a shower, go pick up my car at the garage
                        If I know Tall, he tucked the car under his arm and carried it home. Dark Horse
                        I'm a dark horse, running on a dark race course.