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Bull Run 5K Race Report (Read 345 times)

    Nice race, Jem! Well-organized race, perfect pacing, pukey feeling, and HARDWARE!!!! Congrats, John
      Thanks to you all! I'm glad I took the plunge. Now I'd like to work my way up to a 10K. With all this encouragement it just might happen. Shocked Tom, it is a lovely place to run. It's about a half hour from my home, not my stomping grounds, but northern Va has its lovely side, still lots of rural areas, mixed in with busy suburbs and booming development.

        Jem, congrats. As one who is accustomed to being the only one in my age group showing up I think your win is a great feat. Keep at it. A 10K should be very doable for you. Happy New Year.

          Hi Jemm, It sure was a good last-minute decision to run this race! Congratulations on hanging on at the end to achieve a 5K PR and an AG win. What a great way to mark the end of '07. I hope your '08 is just as successful. Jay

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            So do southerners call this the Manassas 5K? Wink But congratulations, jemmama, on a double achievement with both a PR and an AG award! Yes, you are fast now and will be getting even faster when you get a chance to do another event in warmer weather.

            Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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              Way to go on a speedy race, Jemmama! And, thanks for supporting Wounded Warriors! Great cause! Rick
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