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    Now I would like to hear from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan and Upstate New York! 


    We had some nasty weather and isolated local power outages, but not really much worse than storms that we often get at this time of the year. But caution is called for whenever "the gales of November come early", as Gordon Lightfoot put it.

    Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

    Shirtless wonder

      PA - outside of Philly.  Lots of trees down and power outages due to 80 mph winds.  We were without power from Monday night thru Tuesday night.  Other parts still without power in the area due to mainly trees falling [around Morrisville and Yardley].  Some may not get power for a week or so.  No damage for me personally, even the giant tulip poplars in the back yard did o.k. and are still standing.


      Things getting back to normal now...though schools are still closed. 


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