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Fri Jan 04 Daily Runs (Read 765 times)

    Ok, I'm not sure if I'm a real runner or not, but I was not talking about using a Garmin on a track. I mean out and about, where you don't know what distances you are covering. If you paid 200 bones for a Garmin, you might as well use it for speedwork too, IMHO. But on a track?? Confused
    Heck, I've used mine on the treadmill to record my HR!!!! Big grin Fran


      by evryday No....I think it's an actual state now.
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      Iron Mt. Trail Runners blogsite .... JJJessee blogsite ....Spring is here. Go outside and play.
        No....I think it's an actual state now.
        Why thank you, Evryday! Something we try to remind the feds all the time! (of course, we do that while receiving more federal money per capita than any other state... ok, civics lesson over for today!) I really don't mind winter... but since I started this running hobby I'm noticing more annoyance with the natural order of things (i.e., it's damn cold and dark here in the winter!). And I must admit... this winter has been exceptionally mild. Sometimes I think I really should do more "normal" winter activities, but just don't wanna. I think part of it is we haven't gone out on vacation in a warm sunny spot in quite sometime. I'm really looking forward to Carlsbad. Don't care if I walk the whole damn thing (which I won't... but to prove a point). I'm so ready for some sun and heat! Then the Ragnar del Sol Relay at the end of Feb... ok, I'll be ok... Wink I was thinking of going for a little run today, but got home and started on more cleanup. Amazing how one thing leads to another... no run today. But that's ok. It was a SRD anyway.

          Enke, If you lace up your running shoes and do something other than walk the whole time, YOU are a RUNNER! Doesn't matter if it's a track or treadmill or on a frozen tundra like Erika.
            late posting - but did 6.2 miles outside in the 27 degree weather - actually felt good compared to the single digits the day before.........then into the gym for core work ........ keep telling myself next saturday i'll be running disney in shorts!! can't wait!!