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    Miss all of you very much -- just havent been in to posting but know I think of you often!! 


      Hi ya Deez !!!!


        Hi everyone. Haven't been able to check in this week but still been running.

        Attacked Bertha on Tuesday and she bit back, ran Thursday with the running group, solo in the neighbourhood last evening (finally convincing me to invest in a good headlamp) and this morning with two friends who had me huffing and puffing like an old freight train. Tomorrow I want to run 12 miles but we shall see if that happens. I always slack off when not in training and next round of training doesn't really start until May.


        *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

          I haven't been around much either, and not even lurking. Just too much going on. DH and I went to New York last week, sort of an extended weekend around a work trip for him. It was great, even if the weather wasn't so nice. We walked all over Manhattan's theatre and garment districts, Times Square, took the sub up to Central Park and walked down 5th Ave to see all the lights and displays. Walked thru St. Patrick's Cathedral, took pictures of that stoopid tree (it's really very pretty...) and watched the light show at Saks. It was really cool, but wow so many people! 


          On Monday we spent the day with Hally and even did some geocaching. Pretty cool stuff! Walked along the High Line Park which is so cool. Even though it drizzled pretty much all day, it was still really nice. In the evening, DH had a reception to go to so Hally and I went out to dinner and had a great time. I really wish we lived closer as I so enjoy hanging out with her! She told me about the bike path along the Hudson River, and since Tuesday was pretty nice (cooler than Monday but no rain) I made my way down there and ran up towards the George Washington Bridge, turning around at the 125th St exit. 9.1 miles total with some on the return at sub-8 pace. Didn't know I still could do that, but the tailwind did help!


          Came home just in time for the temperature to drop again. Yes, it did warm up and we got almost 18" of snow. Now it's cleared up and cooled off, -25° here at the house this morning (-37° in town). Welcome home.


          Nice job on the weight loss, Enke! You looked great when I saw you in November. 


          Glad to hear C-R's DW is on the mend, and 'Ribs will be hanging around with us at least a little longer. Sorry about the persistent lower leg issues, twokitty. That must be getting old.


          Thinking about the families in CT and I just can't comprehend how you could deal with that. It's just appalling to think of how much devastation one crazy bastard can inflict on so many lives.

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            Santa Tet!  Great picture, Mariposai, and dafe travels to you!


            Erika - sounds like a great trip.  I like Hally, too - she is great fun.  How is your DS doing, btw?  Is he in basic training?


            Bertha - it's that time of year, really, when running mojo is sort of low, I think.  I need to get back on the weight-training, to help make up for my mileage lack.


            Slept a ridiculous amount and so I skipped my run this morning so I could go Christmas shopping with DH.  I think we are done now, just need to wrap stuff.  Then we ate out and I came home and slept another hour and a half almost.  What's up with that? Not like me to need so much sleep.


            4 miles on the TM this afternoon, watching The King's Speech.

            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


              Run #2 for the day inthe books. Headed off to watch "Wreck it Raplph" with the kids in a bit. DW has girlfriends coming over to play cards and I was told to "Get out". Heh.


              Mike = USAF. I knew we were kindered souls. Great about your son.


              Slo - I'm with you. I can't tell fast from slow from nothing. So I just keep moving forward and make it a surprise.


              Only CNY would sleep in to miss a 33 miler and only run 20. I would have bagged the whole thing. No wonder your racing is so fast.


              Everytime I reac ARC, I think welder TW. Not sure why but steer clear of those.


              I gave her a kiss instead Avenger but thanks for the idea. He's a good dog Steve. Time for a milkbone treat.


              WTG Opie.


              Cheers all.

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                how i spent saturday afternoon.........

                marj lighting hanukkah candles with older grandchildren



                and the newest grandchild and proud parents......


                hope everyone had as wonderful a day as we did!

                  stumpy, sorry to hear about your daughter having her purse stolen.  I hope things work out without too much inconvenience or stress.  C-R, I'm glad to hear your wife is making progress.  henrun, great pictures.


                  Nice long runs for lame, mari, C-R, Mike, and CNY.


                  This morning, I did the first 5K race of another winter race series.  It was in the low 30s and there was a little wind.  It wasn't a bad day for a Dec. race in MI.  I saw a lot of my friends and was satisfied with the results.  My GPS gave me a time of 28:14 and a pace of 9:07.  I was 90/144 OA and 2/3 in my AG (65-69).  It was interesting that 20 of the 144 participants were 60 or older.  The male 70+ AG had 7 people.  A mile warm up and a .9 mile cool down gave me 5 miles for the day.


                  A good day and good runs for all.


                    Have a great trip Mariposai!!

                    Wow, I just ran about the wettest 4 miles in my life.  It was coming down pretty hard, but I decided to embrace it.  I wanted to run 6 today, but glad I didn't as even after a hot shower, I am chilled to the bone.

                    DH's company party tonight, he has only been there since Nov, so we won't know a lot of people, but I intend to have fun anyway.

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                      evanflein next time you are in NYC let me know.  My DW goes in everyday for work (well not weekends!).  So if you and/or your DH are around mid-week for dinner we would be glad to head out with you.


                      Turns out my SIL who teaches in Stamford CT has a fellow teacher whose niece was murdered by that monster.  Very sad.  My SIL is friends with the victim's aunt.  My SIL had a dance to go to yesterday and just could not bring herself to go.  What can you even say or do after a horrible event like this?

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