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Wed 1-9 Meistersboomers runs and wo's (Read 678 times)

    Late post for early run as I was gone most of the day. Tall, good luck with whatever happens as a result of your wife's latest. biketm, congrats on your first run in 8 days. I hope that means your calf is ok. Nice long runs for sound, perch, breger, CNY (with striders), jjj, and SirWalksalot. Good job on the speedwork for Holly and derrick. This morning, I should have gone outside but there were some serious wind gusts and some rain so I did my routine 8 miles on the TM at 1% and 6.7 mph (8:57/mi). mc, it sounds like you're ready for that BQ. I plan on a short run Friday before we fly out. I'm looking forward to a possible meeting on Sat. A good day and good runs for all. TomS

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        2 mile walk for me today pushing granddaughter and walking dog. Interesting time since the dog isn't used to being on a leash! We went to the park after that so Taylor could swing and slide. How wonderful it is to be a Mimi!! Feeling pretty good today...hip is sore where that darn shot went in! Shocked
 excellent run....Your Sunday is going to be awesome..... Today....planned run..7 miles with 2 at MP...since my legs have not cooperated the last week or so..I decided to run 5 easy mile.....found myself having to hold back...good sign... That is it for me until Saturday morning...

          Bad Case of the Runs

            Well, I did something "new" today. I went for a run at lunch with some co workers. We are all training and running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in April. Anyway, I tell my office mates that I am a slow runner...needing to do 13 m/m or so, injury and all, blah, blah, blah. They say, great. That's ok. We get out there and the guy says, yea, I've done a sub 6 min mile....oh vey! So they ended up being speedy and I tried really hard not to get caught up in it, but I did. I went way faster than I wanted to, and way slower then they should of. it is, the info: 4.13 miles in 52 or so min for an avg 12:30 m/m approx.....I did have Mr. Garmin with me, but I have forgotten what he said. Oh well. I told them I could not run with them.....but I would be happy to start out with them. I am thinking of doing a very slow run very early tomorrow morning. A slow and steady 4ish just to shake it all out. We will see how the foot feels tomorrow. I think it is mad at me. Thanks MC for number 11....I will listen to it this weekend on my 8 miler (if I survive this week) Good runs and workouts everyone....enjoy the taper Big grin Call Mr. Ribs, calling Mr. Ribs...are you there Mr. Ribs? Are you ok? How's the foot?

            Trails Rock!

              Track work at the HS track tonight, so this early morning runner is posting a late one. 7 miles total in 58 minutes, with 3 miles in the middle at Tempo pace. The tempo miles were 7:47, 7:52, and 7:34. Oddly, the last "cool down" mile was at 8:09?!?! How did that happen? I guess I wanted to be done. Roll eyes Bill

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                Good Meister runs to all! I guess I gotta get out more often. I didn't know what it meant either Holly. And now that I know....well, well, oh, just never mind! 6 tempo ish miles for me @9:24 pace. I wussed out on the planned 9 miler....I guess I should have HTFU! I can't believe I just said that. Blush
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                  5.2 mile group run in the dark on a paved trail as is normal on Wed. It was windy all day so sticks on the road almost got me a couple times. Some younger runners showed up tonight so the pace got pushed a little harder than usual. Felt good when done but I still prefer a slower pace in the dark.

                  Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

                    Very windy day today so slugged out a 5 miler on the treadmill. I was starting to get used to the nice warm temperatures but it will be back to reality soon. On the plus side I teach in an elementary school and run a marathon program promoting running and activity for our students and went over the 200 participant mark today.
                      No workout but I did win my chess game at the club tonight. The whole family went to see Enchanted this afternoon at the matinee. Well worth it: the proverbial fun for all ages. It would be a great date movie, too. (Tall? Are you listening?) As long as I am on the topic of movies, National Treasure 2 is also well worth it. We had not seen the first National Treasure, so we rented it before going to the theater to see the sequel. Another couple of movies that are fun for the whole family. Although I never did figure out how discovering a treasure in NT2 cleared Gates's great-great grandfather from plotting to kill Lincoln. I might have to rent it and watch it another time or two to figure out how all the plot pieces fit together. I don't think I'm giving anything away, because the Lincoln accusation comes up at the very start of the movie: it's strictly a point of departure for the rest of the movie. It's even in the previews. Continuing right along, if you like action movies, we all very much enjoyed the three Bourne movies--enough to buy them, and we don't buy many DVDs. Dark Mare is not usually a fan of action movies, but she really liked Bourne Ultimatum when we saw it in November, I think it was. Maybe she thinks Matt Damon is cute. Dark Horse
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                        5 miles with the running club. Clear and very cold evening. 1.5 miles earlier at noon. Great job with your 2 miles, munchkn883. Smile


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                          "The whole family went to see Enchanted this afternoon at the matinee. Well worth it: the proverbial fun for all ages. " That's really true. Every one in our group loved it. That included me, a soccer mom; my DD9, who must be the sweetest, softed-hearted creature alive; my 50-something BIL, who is a cranky, intellectual Boston computer programmer; and my nephew's 26-year-old girlfriend who lives in Greenwich Village. I didn't know it was possible to make a movie that would appeal to such a wide cross section of people, but Disney did it.
                            Well, first time I can ever remember... I bailed on a Wednesday MLR tonight.... Got off work at the right time, but had to go to the grocery store (kids calling me... mom, we're out of food!), which apparently everyone else did, too! So, got home just after 6, kids starving, cranky; me hungry and cranky, and oddly tired feeling. So, put stuff away, started dinner, sorted mail, barked out homework commands... and said screw the run tonight. I'll switch my Friday rest day with today's 6-8 miler and call it good. Hey, DH and DS2 will be out of town Friday anyway so it'll all work out fine. G'night.