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CR Boomers who changed their name (Read 836 times)


    when changing over to RA. Please post CR name and RA name. I was fortunate enough to keep the same name I posted with on CR.
      rosecoloredglasses is now lavitadolce
        I'm the poster formily know as smpankowski.


          I was TammyM at CR, now TammyinGP Smile and I'm Tamster over at KR for those who post both places, but didn't make the connection. Although I think everyone knew that already.


            I was PBJ on Coolrunning and am now Tallrunner!!! on RunningAhead..

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              I was Jeanne1 at CR but that's been taken. I'll be Jlynne in my new life...
                Posted on CR as WaltRB. My new screen name hasn't improved my 10k PR.
                  I was... what? Oh, never mind...

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                    I was PBJ on Coolrunning and am now Tallrunner!!! on RunningAhead..
                    snork CRanbarE!!
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                      I keep thinking of the performer/singer formerly known as Prince who became a sign/logo and is now back to being Prince? Chris
                        Great thread! CR screen name: Helen Fussell. Now I'm: fussyrunner. So much better.
                          I was dshclio on CR, now marathon Derrick which was also my sortof handle CR

                            Canfit on CR = PJH on RA
                              I was Spankee on CR, I wanted to be Tallrunner (and who doesn't) but I see that is taken so I am now Canalrunner. I think I am going to hang out mostly on Kickrunner (also as Canalrunner) but thought there was no harm in registering here until I decide on a home.

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                                Canfit on CR = PJH on RA
                       all becomes clear to me now.... Smile

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