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    Welcome. Just wanted to say howdy. Howdy!
    Iron Mt. Trail Runners blogsite .... JJJessee blogsite ....Spring is here. Go outside and play.

    Bad Case of the Runs

      Hi JJJ....CR refugee. Used to hang out in the 50+ (cause I am 50+). Thanks for starting this. This place has the very best of running logs. I will be using their log and hope to stick around for good running discussions. Liz

      Trails Rock!


        Hi JJJ! Hi Liz! I'm DaveinAA on CR, but adopted this handle here and on Kick. I really like the log here so far, will see how things shake out with the forums. Too many hidey holes available for former CR Boomers, gotta pick one.Kick is still not up this morning, but at least the cheesy "account suspended" screen has been replaced by a plain-vanilla "Welcome!"
          Hi there everyone. If this forum over here works as well as the running log does, we may find this to be our "home". It would be good to settle on something. I see you are running some major race/runs up in my neck of the woods Jjjessee. I am not up to races you are doing, but maybe we can get a chance to meet up when you are here in Lynchburg. Good to see you Running in DC and Dave. Happy running to all
            Hey guys! So glad I found this. I just imported my log and I'm ecstatic! I'll have extra time to run today, because it won't take me 20 minutes to try to log into the Active sight. Tongue Will post my run here. Smile I'm getting a good feeling from this. Jemmama running in NoVa
              I've moved also...used to be at CR. No more Active.crap for me. Just got my training log transferred over successfully!!! Smile The names are starting to look a bit familiar here. Hello to all! John
                Yo. I'm hiding over here while I transform into The New Econo.
                  Econo, Hard to track you down. Received the package and thank you very much. Already tried them out. Very comfy. You should look for a package in the mail before end of week. ksrunr

                  ksrunr All American 10K Feb. '10 Cowtown Half marathon Feb. '10 Boston '10

                    Call me naive but, until just recently, I was still hanging on to the hope that the Active site wouldn't be that bad. But it's flat-out terrible--not just the bugs, which are ridiculous--but the overall design approach. It's one of those Rube Goldberg contraptions, over-engineered to produce a godawful mess. In contrast this site is clean, simple, easy to read. My first time here, but I like it. (Thanks for the heads up JJJ.) For me, I think the Active site is just too awful to use, regardless of who remains there. After that, coming here or KR will depend on who is where. Sigh. sending out latest notice regarding CR takeover.

                      But I liked the Old Econo just fine! One thing I like about this site, as compared to Kick, is the somewhat cleaner look and feel. The font is a little smaller and the names/avatars are off to the side, rather than above the text, so there is not so much space between posts. You can take in more at a glance, as you could on the old CR. As for Active, it's a Soviet-style mess, without the old-world charm.
                        HI Friends - just thought I'd pop in and say hi! Cool


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                          Hey kids, good to see you all here. I for one have had it with having to login 6 million times a day. LMAO Tramps, Econo you been sending fuzzy duck socks all over the internet? ks? you gotta promise not to wear that scary hat over here k? Wink
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                            LMAO Tramps
                            Hey, are you insulting me? Wink LMAO????? Never mind; I googled it. I can't keep up with you hip youngsters and all your acronyms. Smile
                              Howdy back! I've been here at RA for about a year, and have been waiting for a group to start for us more mature (in age at least) folks! Thanks for doing this! Oh, and welcome to RA all you CR folks! Glad to have you!
                                Hi Everyone! I've been lurking at active, but this place is so much more friendly. I love it! I think this was filmed at headquarters: Starr