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It's Sunday, and this is the Daily: 1.27.13 (Read 45 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Twocat, I'm sorry your friend got hurt doing something he shouldn't have, even though his intentions were so giving.


    I's so sorry for your situation, Enke, and hope that however it is resolved, you come out smiling.


    Welcome back, Arf!


    No workout for me today. We were up late last night doing party prep for our annual winter party that is this afternoon. We have 25+/- people coming. We plan an activity for the party each year. One year, everyone made snow globes. Another year, we formed random teams, gave everyone kazoos, and had each team perform a song. Another year, we provided socks and all kinds of stick-on materials and markers and had each person make a puppet. This year's activity? It's... well, sorry, but I'm sworn to secrecy until after the party. The party starts at 2:17, so I have to get busy with the rest of the prep work!


    Have a great day!



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      Good morning, Jay, and everybody else who stumbles in here, today.  That sounds like a cool party...I usually just drink at all the parties I go to.


      I woke up at about 4:50 and couldn't get back to sleep....too much on my mind, I guess.  Then I made the big mistake of picking up my chance of going back to sleep after that.


      My DIL posted a picture of my son and their two daughters on Facebook but I can't figure out how to copy it I over here with my iPad.  I guess, I'll have to roll out of bed and go down to my computer...oh, such a bother...


      I'm scheduled to run 20 miles, today.  I sure hope I can fit it in.  I have a very busy day...which is what I was thinking about as I was trying to get back to sleep.  If I had just gotten up at 5 and started running, I'd be halfway done by now but, no--I had to dink around until it was too late.  Oh well...I'll figure something out.


      Okay, I guess that's it...did I really even say anything?

        ...sorry to hear this enke//............feel like calling the guy a DumA$$,,,,,,,,but main thing is Hope you and kiddos are OK




        20's here,

        did 50min bikeride,


        said Hi to several Runners, and they all said Hi back.


        Life is Good


        ....................good running guys.

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


          Enke - sorry to hear, figure out how to turn it into lemonade.


          ran the miami half this morning using a modified  'Tet Training Method' - my longest run in the last 3 months was 9.5, so my goal was a 2:30 as I'm also not used to running in 74 degree temps.  I finished in 2:28 5 of 41 in AG and saw Henry at mile 12.  I normally dont run the day before but did with Henry during his 5k so overall I'm quite pleased and looking forward to some more r and r before reality comes back


          marj (posting under Henrun on iPad)


            Nice race henrun. 74 sounds very hot but it is Miami.


            No teasing Jay. Spill the beans on the surprise.


            enke - sorry to hear but others have said it already and I'll only echo it - take care of yourself and your kids and move on as tough as it may be. Life is far too short.


            I'm with you Mike - I managed to get a little over 13 today and had to push it. Very busy with Church and soccer and so on and so on.


            This has been a good weekend. I got some Notre Dame hockey with DS 1 (his birthday present) on Friday and last night DW and I had a nice dinner and went to the symphony.  We listened to some wonderful cello performed by a fellow from UT El Paso arranged by Bloch (first for me) on a 420 year old instrument. But the highlight was Saint Saens 3rd for Organ (it was a central music theme in the movie Babe). We had a wonderful time. Reminded me we need to do this type of thing more often.


            Well off to face the day some more. Have a great one.


            MTA: I am traveling to Dallas tomorrow for work. Anyone know of a good place to get a few miles?

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              Nice run Marj...


              Hi Arf !!!


              9.5 miles was all I could manage today...being sick took a lot out of me...

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                I had to throw this on here as i race in and out the door...


                My son, Mikey, and his twin daughters, Freja and Sonja...not a whole lot of hair in that family...

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                  C-R, email me at spareribs823 at gmail dot com. I live just outside Dallas and if you tell me where you're staying, I'll put you with the right group.


                  Plan was 16 this morning but I quit at 8, still feeling some fatigue and made a choice not to push, listening to my knees this time!


                  I got a private message here from an RA friend yesterday, just watching my back.  I want to say thank you out here however.  This is more than a running forum.


                  And on the topic of that private message, guess who's birthday it is today?  Happy birthday Joe.  RIP, and see you soon.  Spareribs


                    Thanks Ribs. E-mail sent.


                    I just checked the weather. 70s? Really. I might melt. 

                    "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                    "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                      Another 3.5 trail miles, but my knee went wonky near the end and I had to walk a bit, in the cold drenching rain and wind.  Bleh.


                      Mike - Double Trouble!!!  Very cute though.

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                        Jay – that sounds like a fun party! Tell us later what this year’s fun was.


                        Mike – I do that sometimes too, and think, if I had only gotten up and run right away, I’d be done now….Love the twins!


                        Marj – nice comeback at the Miami HM, and congrats on meeting your goal.


                        17 degrees this morning with a light wind.  2” of snow on the bike path, with many frozen footprints, very crunchy underfoot.  Bright sunshine slanting sideways as the sun came over the horizon.


                        I ran 10 miles outside, reminded again that only 2” of snow can give so much more to the workout, then 5.85 miles on the TM so I could watch the end of Season 2 of Downton Abbey.  FINALLY, Mathew and Mary work it out.  I love a happy ending.  I hope Season 3 doesn’t break them up again.


                        15.85 miles total, plus planks and one-legged dead lifts.

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                          Welcome Back Arf! So good to see you again.


                          went for a 3 mile trail run this morning with the meetup group. Johnny joined us also. and my son came with me this time also. Of course, he was FAR ahead of us old farts though. Then DS and I went to the gym, worked out some more.


                          cleaning, laundry and baking some cranberry/orange scones on the schedule for today. And DS wants cookies. so guess i'll be baking some of those two.


                            enke, I feel so bad for you and your kids.  I wish you whatever is for the best.  Take care of yourself.  Tall, keep posting.  henrun, nice 5K with 3rd in AG. Tag, neat run with the other dogs.  Twocat, my best wishes to your friend who was injured trying to help your wife while skiing.  marj, good job in your half, meeting your goal.  Mike great picture of your son and twin granddaughters.


                            Nice long runs for Tammy, wild, C-R, and Holly.


                            This morning, it was in the mid teens and there was a light wind.  I got in 3 miles at a 10:30 pace.


                            A good day and good runs for all.



                              Enke, having gone thru a divorce I feel for was hell on me and the kids. running kept me sane most of the time. I have had some tough years and I have to think it makes you stronger and that there is a purpose behind it. Talk to friends and family, do no isolate yourself.


                              Volunteered today at the local race. Was the timer. Really nice group...met lots of new people. Felt different not racing, not that I am in any shape...After AT most say they never get back to the same level..oh to run.


                              Went for a run after the race, just a short one but I need to get the mileage up, as I have zero endurance. I think I might jog a race in March and then maybe race on in June at the fathers day race I always brought the girls tool. Someone asked about the girls!!  My oldest 17 lives with me while my youngest Tori 15 lives with her mom but visits often.....


                              Best Everyone...keep running and smiling.


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                                So sorry for you Enke and can only concur with all the posts.  Having been thru a similar situation I can say with confidence that things will get better for you..


                                Nice photo Mike, the girls are adorable!


                                Nice Miami run Marge.


                                I got in a nice 17 Mile long run today - 7 miles early then met up with friends for a 10 mile run along the Mid-Winter Classic course in Cape Elizabeth.  It was a bit cold at 2 degrees but luckily no wind until the final couple of miles. 2:31:46 (8:56) - I can only hope for this kind of weather next week for the race.  I don'd mind the cold so much, but this race usually features some pretty good winds along the way, especially along the marshes etc.


                                Have a great day everyone and welcome back Arf, I've only just recently returned myself.