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Queens Drive All comers 5k Edinburgh Scotland RR (Read 427 times)

    I know this report is alittle late, but here goes. Dec. 17th Edinburgh, the race is around Arthurs Seat, the tallest hill in Edinburgh, somewhere around 800-1000 foot. In Scotland club races are very popular so most of the runners were from clubs in the area. The 1st mile started downhill for about a half mile before rising at the mile mark to about the same elevation as you began. From there you climb for most of the next mile and a 1/2, climbing almost 500 feet, then descending back to the start- finish line from there. The downhill at the finish was run on the grass, so the impact on the joints were not so severe. The problem was that grass was still covered in frozen fog from the night before, the frost -fog didn't melt off the ground for 3 days!!! I ran the first mile I ran conservative around 6:50, I knew the second mile would be tough so I wanted to save a little. We had only been in town about 24 hours so I was little jet lagged as well. The 2nd mile was the toughest mile I had ever ran in a race. I hit mile 2 at 18:00 min. I was able to do better in the 3rd mile and finished 26:24, because of the downhill. I finished 79/ out 87 OA. There are no slooow runners in Scotland, last place was 29:56.Run long run fast Marathon Derrick

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      Nice job, Derrick!

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        ......very cool race derrick//.......those of us with Scottish backgrounds just LOVE hearing how fast they are..

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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          Great run Derrick! I was in Edinburgh in October, and ran around Holyrood park. What a beautiful place that is, and a tough run, no doubt.

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            It sounds like my kind of race!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.


              The 2nd mile was the toughest mile I had ever ran in a race.
              You'e a tought runner, MD. Sounds like an incredible race to participate in. Thanks for the report. Jem
                Nice race derrick!
                Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM

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                  Sheesh! Sounds like one tough race. You were lucky to put some time in the bank with that first mile time before hitting the hills (makes the Bradleys look like speed bumps, eh?). I was in Edinburgh once and wish that I can get back there someday. I hope the rest of your trip went well and that you enjoyed the experience.

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                    Great job Derrick! Thanks for the very interesting RR.What a tough race. Sounds like the race attracted some hardcore running clubs.
                      Speedy is right! Good work and good results too. Thanks for the description and I am busily looking at my family tree to see if there are some Scottish roots in there....hmmmm. I would love some of that fleet speed. My married name is George, so I have the requisite photos of George Street and have been to Edinburgh several times (wild Parliament building you have there-----a cab driver told me it rivaled the expense of the Big Dig in Boston, MA !) I'll just have to imagine the speed vicariously! Thanks for the report and it's never too late to share the details. CNYrunner
                        Thanks for sharing your experience with us Derrick.

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                          Wow, Derrick, they sure did have a bunch of fast runners show up. It's neat you got to run in Scotland. Congratulations. TomS
                            Nice run, Derrick! That sounds like a really hilly 5K course. And then the race is loaded up with speedsters... Shocked Keep up the good running, John