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The Saturday Daily, 10.13.12 (Read 342 times)


    Mornin' all.


    It's great to see posts from some folks who have been absent for a while!


    Slo, I'm very sorry about your grandmother's passing. However, it seems that you all have wonderful memories of what she brought to your lives, and I'm sure you'll all share great stories about her when you get together.


    TomW, I'm glad that you're making progress with your workouts and your PT. Keep up the good work. I hope you get the good person at PT next time, not the evil one...


    Happy belated birthdays to Erika and Opie's DS!


    Ah, winterizing. It is on my list too. I cleared the driveway of leaves last weekend, but it is hidden by them again. Also time to put away the rain barrels, rake, get on the roof to clean the gutters, rake, cover patio furniture, rake, etc., etc., etc...


    Opie, I'd like to hear what spending DS decides to cut from the Fed. budget. Congress can't figure it out, but I bet he can.


    Enjoy the football game with the fam, PBJ - should be a gorgeous day for it!


    It must have been interesting to have the kids' teacher over for a social visit, Paavo. I hope you all had a fine time under the stars.


    Sound like a fun weekend, Holly, except for the potential calorie overload. Have a blast!


    Tammy, David had an awesome race! Congrats to him and the team. Sounds like you and the pups had a greta time on the trails. Good luck to you and David in today's races.


    Mariposai, good luck with the race, rain or shine!


    Thanks again for more gorgeous photos from the air, Troy!


    5.8 racewalking miles at 4:30 - 34F with a breeze from the west and clear skies. I still don't have my sproink back, but I felt a little better than yesterday. It took me a couple of miles to get into a groove, and I did well from their till I got back to the driveway, and was able to knock a few more seconds off my pace with each mile. There was just a sliver of the moon hanging over the horizon, shining a silver pathway across the still waters of the ocean. Passing some woods, I heard a loud "woosh" coming from the trees - it was near ground level (so not something flying), and there was no tell-tale hooves on the dirt, or breaking branches, or rustling leaves that would have told me it was a startled deer running away. So I'm clueless. Yet another of life's little mysteries.


    Enjoy your Saturday!  -  Jay

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      We're off to Riblet's x-country meet, so I don't know when or if I'll get to run today.


      Opie, I echo Bill's advice to you to recover well, but race again soon.  While you're fit, go for it.


      Tomorrow should be a fun day for us.  SpareTire, Prime Rib, my RP and I are going to run one loop around White Rock Lake, just over 9 miles. SpareTire is training to run his first Half on November 4th.  I asked my RP to come along with us because she can run with Prime up front and I will run with the big guy at a much slower pace.


      My feeling is that the Sierra Nevada Torpedo is the best IPA I've ever tasted.  Spareribs


        Out in crisp 30° sunny morning. I did my 3.1 loop while Marj added a bit. I'm progressing slowly. No pain but, if I try to add speed, Marj notices I limp a bit afterwards until I really slow down. At least I'm running.


        Troy, magnificent photos. I saw a slideshow on Thursday by a mountain guide of Denali and Kilimanjaro. You're pix are even more beautiful.

          Thank you all for your condolences. They are appreciated.


          I snuck out for a hilly 8 miler this moon, no stars, country black top road...lots of critters moving in the timber line. I did make out one skunk.


          Lot's to do...


          Enjoy the weekend!

            ...thanks jay//..........and A Pox on Evil PTs.........




            ....28min poolrun


            leg is recovered enough for a trailrun tomorrow............ohboyohboy



            ................good running guys

            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

              Nice to see old friends dropping by yesterday.

              Ho hum.  More work commute pictures from TroyJoking   (Awesome!)

              Ribs—a little early to be hitting the beer, isn’t it?


              Tri-bee’s got a 5-mile swim race in the James River  this morning down in Richmond where the air temperature at start time was supposed to be 38F.  Brrrrr.  She does about 30-minute miles so that's a long time in chilly water.  Fortunately, after the race there are hot tubs and a beer garden to dull the pain.  One of our friends is accompanying her since every swimmer had to have their own kayaker (and she’s very good).


              Cool temps for Tribee meant great temps for running.  A sproinky 15-miler where I barely broke a sweat.  Awesome autumn continues.  Saw a couple of mature bald eagles just gliding in big circles overhead today.  Lots of geese heading south, too, making a racket.


              Now it’s time for wood-piling cross training, since a couple of cords arrived yesterday.  Must be autumn.

       to get Ribbs down here to try some local ''Calf Killer Stout''



                named after a river



                it actually kills livestock

                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                  Hey all. Been a while so I have lots of catching up. Didn't even have time for lurking.


                  New job, lots of family stuff (most good and some not) and life in general.


                  Slo - I'm so sorry for your loss. We'll be thinking of you and your family.


                  Nice 12 miler this morning. Time to get back to training.


                  Have a great weekend and Go Irish! (yeah I'm a huge Notre Dame fan but try not to be THAT GUY Big grin)

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                    Oh no, I don't drink beer this early in the morning!  I was commenting on Buehrle's post from yesterday. Back from Riblet's x-country meet. He ran poorly. Now I'll have to have a beer.  Spareribs

                      Happy birthday to evan and opie's son.  Tammy, congrats to your son and his XC team.


                      Nice long runs for mari, Tramps, and C-R.


                      This morning, it was in the low 30s and there was a light wind.  I got in 8 miles at an 11:13 pace.


                      A good day and good runs for all.


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                        Tri-bee’s got a 5-mile swim race in the James River  this morning down in Richmond where the air temperature at start time was supposed to be 38F.  Brrrrr.  She does about 30-minute miles so that's a long time in chilly water. 


                        BRRRR!! is right - yikes!  Good luck to Tri-bee, hope she's in the hot tub by now.


                        2 miles for me this morning with some striders.


                        Off to the pig roast.

                        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                          5 hours in the river? (hope it was downstream) Oh my, Tribee... I hope she is done by now and all warmed up! Nice run for you, Tramps. Our geese are pretty much all gone, leaves are all off the trees, feels like snow any day actually.


                          {{Slo and family}} Grandma was loved, and loved many. Sounds like a terrific lady who had a great family.


                          Here's hoping for good weather for the Autumn Leaf run, but yes I sure hope you guys do get some badly needed rain (after the race). Is Enke there? You will be taking pictures, right??


                          Go for it, Opie! When you're in shape for it, multiple races are the way to go! I just wish we had more around here. Lots of stupid 5ks but only one local marathon. And it's a doozy.


                          {{Riblet}} we all have sucky races. Next one will be better. Ribs, DH played that Tom Jones link yesterday while I was in the kitchen. Oh man that was hilarious!


                          Paavo, how'd the evening with the teachers go? Sounds like a really nice night. 


                          Rosie, I love your dog's name. And congrats right? Did I read that you did get one of the jobs you were applying for?


                          Oh boy am I sore. This getting back to the gym stuff is hard... Might go back again today to see what else I can do to myself. I would like to try a test run this weekend, but I ran a couple steps in the gym yesterday and could still feel that spot in my shin. Angry  The real bummer is we're having beautiful weather for late fall running, temps in the low 30's, bright sunshine and NO snow yet. Figures I'll be ready to run when we get snow and ice....

                            Legs were tired this morning, but still managed 3.3 miles of hills...

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                              Happy Belated Birthday, Erika!  Nope. I did not even get an interview. They probably had a better candidate.


                              Ribs, thanks for the IPA mention... I do like the Torpedo but, I have tasted some mighty fine micro-brews, too. Extra hoppy IPA is my favorite. Sorry about Riblet's not so good running day. Sure hope that gets better for him. 




                              13.12 FABULOUS miles!  Beautiful morning as the sun rose over the James River. Felt great the whole way. Just a good run.

                              And then... I volunteered at the airport for a few hours... and THEN... I got to watch Air Force One land. AND THEN. I got to shake President Obama's hand and exchange greetings and it was very special. I am so happy. 

                              MM #5616

                                Rosie, how awesome is that??!!?  Did you get a picture?


                                Hope Tribee did well in her swim race today.  She's awesome!  Tramps, tell her Hi from me!


                                Erika, sorry your shin is still hurting when the weather is nice.  Rest up.


                                Hi Norm!  Welcome back. 


                                I took the dogs for 4 miles around the neighborhood. It was snowing lightly when we left, and the sun was coming out when we got home. Not much accumulation.

                                I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.