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Saturday's alright with me, 9.28.13 (Read 43 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Denise, I am so sorry for what Justin and those around him (especially you) are going through. I hope that staying on his meds leads to a better life, and an easier time for all.


    I'm glad you are getting some relief, Leslie. And I'm sorry for everyone involved in the Portland race about the weather forecast.


    Tammy, I'm glad to read that David continues to make great progress with his running.


    We saw a supurb 1-woman show last night. It was a funny and poignant story of the woman's quest for a career in the theater that didn't work out at all the way she envisioned, with some major disappointments and adjustments along the way. The woman has been working for us for about 13 years, and I knew she had acting talent, but she really, really impressed me last night!


    5.5 racewalking miles this morning. Because we were out late lat night, I got a bit of a late start this morning. I was out the door at 5, and the late-starting moon slice had not yet risen to its peak yet. As I got down to the shore, I saw lots of orange creeping up over the horizon and saw (and heard) a lobsterman getting an early start on checking his traps. I didn't have much sproink this morning, so I just let it be what it was going to be, and had a nice, relatively easy workout.


    Enjoy your Saturday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      I'm in my old stomping grounds of Western NY.  Cindy couldn't come because of work and my younger daughter bailed at the last minute because she was sick, so it is a solo trip.  I designed the trip with my daughter in mind so I stayed last night in a hotel on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls (just a few blocks away from the Falls.)   I grew up 5 miles from the Falls and been here hundreds of times but it never gets old.


      I got a perfect stranger to snap a picture with the rainbow in the background.  Luckily they did not run away with my phone.



      This morning I went out for a run and it was one for the books.  In the quiet of the morning, without all the traffic, you could hear the roar of the water from the hotel.  There was a bright orange ribbon of color in the sky.  On the way back from going up river a bit, I got to see the sun rise over the river right at the Falls.


      I even got a run in with elevation gain and loss (over 300 feet):


      It was a slow run with some stops to read historical markers but it was still good.


      Now it's time to head to the family reunion and get caught up with cousins I haven't seen for 10 years.  I wonder if any of them are great grandparents yet.  Some of them had kids when they were 17 so it is possible.  I think there were 35 first cousins originally.  A few have died and a good chunk of them live too far away to make it back, but there will still be a lot of people around today.  My brother should be there.  Been a couple years since I've seen him.

      Humanity runs on coffee.



        Nice Dave...your run got me thinking about how many sun rises and sunsets I would have missed had it not been for running.


        An easy 6.8 this am.


        Partial work day. our youngest (DD) has a Homecoming dance tonight.

          ...mornin' guys//.............VERY Cool picture dave........






          had to wear the belt,

          actually felt like I was cheating, it was THAT easy




          .....................good running guys

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            Good morning all,


            5k cross country race today only 8 masters runners I finished 3rd w/ 25:43. tough course.  21 miler scheduled tomorrow


            Coast out the door at 5am shame shame for the tardiness Big grin


            Dave nice pic I used to love the Falls then came the big casino, it's just not the same and the prices went up too!Roll eyes

            Enjoy the reunion!


            TW it's ok to wear the belt, full range of motion should be goal #1


            Have a Great Weekend!

            Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

            King of PhotoShop

              Great story and photo Dave. I once ran the Skylon Marathon in October 1978, Buffalo to Niagara Falls, and saw that same rainbow!  Beautiful site.


              Ran a 5 mile race in Plano, TX today but not very well with tired legs and the humidity. It's raining here now. I think I won my AG but not sure as I didn't stay for the awards. Saw lots of friends though and had a really fun time. Good quality workout was what it ended up being. I ran 45:33 or about 9:06 per mile, with the final two in the low 8:50's so I was happy with it.    Spareribs

                TW it's ok to wear the belt, full range of motion should be goal #1




                ...thanks sarge,

                I need

                to remind myself of that//...........but this

                will be my 5th year of poolrunning in December>>>>>>and it's just so DamnBoring,


                ,,,,,trying not to drown keeps my attention

                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                  (((Deez and family)))

                  Nice pic Dave.  You look content.

                  Not to diss the Falls but I recently watched the Ken Burns series on the National Parks and found it interesting that one of the arguments for the establishment of the Park system was that many folks didn’t want these places to turn into “another Niagra Falls.”  I guess a lot of folks thought the crass commercialization and circus-like atmosphere had “ruined” the Falls…and this was in the nineteenth century!


                  I ran this 7.1 mile loop three times.

                  Powered by

                  This was to be a progression run.  The plan was to run by feel but try to do the first lap at under a 9:00 pace, the second under 8:30, and the third under 8:00 (MP).  Results:

                  • Lap 1 @ 8:44 (too fast)
                  • Lap 2 @ 8:11 (even faster)
                  • Lap 3 @ 8:10 (nope)

                  I went out too fast.  I hung on for the first 5 miles of Lap 3 but died when I hit those little hills.  I really struggled just to bring it in.  Every tendon and ligament was hurting and I was drained.  Thank goodness it’s done.  I’m crawling off for a nap now. Lesson learned (again); don't go out too fast. Isn’t this a fun sport?


                    hope all the w/e racers do well and the rain doesn't affect the west coast folk too much.


                    no running today - took all GC to puppet show along with DD & DS for GD2 bday present - her request.  the show was about a pirates, a princess & a pea with lots of GARRRR!  Henrun spent the day listening to jazz in sunny downtown.


                    ((Deez & family))


                    several years ago we went to niagara falls and i repeated the trip on the maid of the mist that i did when i was 10.  it was wonderful - just as i remembered, but i much prefer the canadian side - and the wines you get in the area.


                    enjoy the w/e all!


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                      What the heck?  I posted a big long post a couple hours ago, just came back on, and it's not here.  How does that happen?  Okay...what did  I say...


                      I'm sure I told Tramps he had a nice workout!  


                      I remember I said that I've never been to Niagara Falls...but I'll have to go just to get a picture in front of that rainbow.  


                      Oh...and family reunions... I said something about the only family reunions my family has is at funerals.


                      I congratulated Sarge and Tramps On their nice races....and I'm sure I said I couldn't wait to hear about the racers.


                      Then I think I went into a big long explanation about how I had to skip my run yesterday because DW and I went out to dinner.  We were supposed to go to the Englebert Humperdink concert...the one that was moved from last May because he was sick...the one that I skipped a half marathon for.  Anyway...last night was supposed to be the makeup date but, he cancelled the whole dang thing due to sickness, again.  Poor old guy.  But, my DW was so disappointed, I had to take her out to dinner...and, since I worked until 6:00 and didn't get home until 7, I had to skip my run last night.


             about my run, today...oh, took me forever to explain this morning's run...well, here I go again...I was supposed to do 15 miles but I really wanted to run with the CC team, so I met the team at the park, did a 1 mile warm up, then did a whistle workout on a very hilly half mile loop.  The coach stands in the middle of the course and blows the whistle when it's time to change speeds.  We did 4 minutes at 4k pace--4 minutes at 10k pace--3 minutes at 3k pace--3 minutes at 10k pace--2 minutes at 2k pace--2 minutes at 10k pace--1 minute at 1k pace--1 minute at 10k pace--3 minutes at 3k pace--3 minutes at 10k pace--2 minutes at 2k pace--2 minutes at 10k pace.  Whew!  See why I'm irritated I had to type all that again?  But, since I was scheduled for 15, and I had managed 5 more miles during the whistle workout, I ran 9 more at about a 7:17 pace to get home.  So--I got my run scheduled run done AND I got to run with the kids.  (I don't think I said that last part, before)


                      Oh--then I told you about my 5 year old GD scoring 8 goals in her soccer game, today.  I had said that I felt bad for the other kids on both teams because she really dominated the whole game and the coach couldn't take her out because they only had just enough to field a team.  But I also admitted that I really didn't feel all that bad because it was really cool to watch her.


                      Then I went to another GD's soccer game...I think she's 8 or 9...she only scored one goal but her team won.


             seams like I might have said something else, but I can't think of, I'll let you go...see ya.

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                        I got a perfect stranger to snap a picture with the rainbow in the background.  Luckily they did not run away with my phone.






                        Great picture, Dave!  We went to Niagara maybe 8 years ago, and stayed in St. Catherine on the Canada side.  We had a lovely time, visited Erie canal and Toronto, taking our bikes on the ferry to the islands offshore and biking all day - a very nice vacation.  Niagara was very touristy, but we still enjoyed it.


                        Finished my 8th 50K trail run with a PW (7:38).  Tons of steep climbs and descents, not enough training, 7 portopottie stops, a rather spectacular tumble, and a wrong turn that took me 1/4 mile down (and then up) a long, steep ravine contributed, but still, I finished, upright and uninjured, and I wasn't DFL - all to the good, and it was a very lovely September day to be running in the woods.  This was a 4-loop course and two of my local running GFs joined me for the 3rd loop, always a mentally tough one.  Around 50 at the start, the temps quickly climbed into the 70's, reaching near 80 by the finish. All in all, a good day, if not a good finishing time.

                        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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                          Nice job've had a pretty tough couple of's amazing you did as well as you did.

                          MM #5615

                            Oh Dave--I was going to say that, if those people had run away with your phone, I'll bet you could have chased them down.

                              Tammy, great job by your son in his XC meet.  deez, virtual hugs to you and your family dealing with your son's problems and your nephew's situation.  Dave, enjoy the family reunion.  Neat picture by Niagara Falls.  Sarge, nice 5K XC race with 3rd OA.  ribs, good job in your 5 mile race with probable 1st AG.  Mike, you're lucky to be able to watch your granddaughters' soccer matches.  Holly, congrats on a good 50K on a tough course.


                              Nice long runs for Tramps and Mike (including speedwork with the XC team).


                              Yesterday, my wife and I went to our son's and babysat our grandson while the kids went to dinner and a movie to celebrate their anniversary.  We spent the night and, this morning, I drove to a 5K race that I've done quite a few times in the past.  It's on real nice paved trails around a hospital and associated health club.  They own over 500 acres and the trails wander through the woods.  It was probably in the low to mid 60s. My hope was to keep it under half an hour.  I finished in 28:16.  My Garmin gave me a distance of 3.07 miles and a pace of 9:13.  With a mile warmup and 1.9 miles afterwards, I got in 6 miles for the day.  They only had partial results posted when I left and the final results are not on line yet.  When I left, I was 3/3 in my AG (65-69).  It was interesting to see that, my time would have made me 2nd in the 60-64 AG and 4th or worse in the 70-74 AG.  I talked to a guy who is my age (69) and he's dreading next year when he has to move up to the next AG.  I seconded his feelings.


                              A good day and good runs for all.



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                                today I ran my first half marathon since May 2008. I had a half marathon PR.

                                Philippians 4:13.