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Wednesday's Daily, 9.18.13 (Read 44 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    Welcome back, Slo!


    Is it just me, or are there more early runners around these parts?


    LaT's "just do a mile" seems to be catching on - now Dave is doing it.


    ShadowRunner, we're the opposite of you in regard to early am traffic - there is much more when the 'summer people' are around, and it quiets down nicely after Labor Day (not that there is all that much traffic at 4 o'dark at any time of the year...).


    Great reminders, Tramps. Thanks for posting.


    Ribs, smart move (for you, as well as for them) to help the client be more efficient when your time/billing is involved.


    It is always a pleasure to see a post from OM!


    WC, your elevation charts always scare the heck out of this flatlander!


    Tselbes, you're always Mr. Consistent! Good run yesterday.


    Mariposai, glad you made it back home safely, even though with significant jet lag. But you seem to have dealt with it well.


    Love those photos of Mariposai and Twocat from the weekend's relay!!


    DW and I worked all day on the shed yesterday. She put up siding (including a window shutter that we decided to add to each side to give the firewood good air flow to keep it nice and dry), and I hung cedar shingles on the roof. It was a very productive, but also an exhausting day. So I slept in this morning instead of taking my scheduled workout. We're both glad to be going back to the office today - far less physically-demanding. But we still have to finish that shed sometime...


    Have a greta Wednesday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Good morning Jay and all to follow. I've come down with the crud (darn sick grandson) and was up all night so I have nothing to give today except my compliments on the great pictures posted yesterday. That Twocat is one fast dude!


      Congrats on finishing your project Jay. Pictures? Will there be pictures?


      My goal is to try to tough it out at work today and hopefully feel good enough later to get in a run.


      Feel well, people.

        Happy Hump Day,


        Coast walker this story might interest you.

        Dropped in to brag a little about one of my running partners.  Mike won the USA National 30k race walk championship.  He walks 50 per week and runs for cross training 30-40 miles a week.  He also bikes about 50 miles a week. We ran together several times this past summer he says that running is easier on the legs than race walking.

        Mike is a very nice young man who has a Olympic dream but is under pressure to get a "real job", he only works 10-12 hours at the YMCA .

        I told him it reminds me of the Pretender by Jackson Browne. The real pretenders of course are those who gave up their dreams to struggle for the legal tender.  I was happy to see Mike have some needed success and keep his dream alive.


        Running a little later today....

        Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.


          Good morning. We're in beautiful Camden Maine- and temp 43 (will hit the low 70's today). Marj went for a short run while I walked. If  she ever figures how to post photos from the I pad she'll post them. Great dinner at our B&B last evening. After our next 2 art museums we're off to Portland for an overnight and another B&B. Good runs to all.

            Thanks for the ear worm Sarge!


            A very easy 5 miler this am. Long work day ahead Disapprove

            Marathon Maniac #957

              Jay - you and your DW are very talented!  I, too, would like a picture when it is done.


              No run for me today - 7am orthodontist appointment for DD nixed that thought.


              Other things still the same.

              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

              MM #6177

                The pre-marathon nervousness has begun in earnest. I received an email from Wineglass this morning and my heart literally started doing flip flops in my chest. Honest to goodness palpitations. This happened before my two previous goal races, and I think it's mainly because I'm nervous about the logistics rather than the running itself. Being somewhere on time for the shuttle to the start, then having to wait for hours, etc... So ok, fine, I know the reason for my physical nervousness, I get it intellectually, so why am I still being emotional about it?? Ugh, I hate this part.... Believe me, I'm trying to channel my best Wildchild here, but it's really getting daunting!


                Ok, enough of my whining... as you all were....

                  OrangeM - I may have missed this from earlier, but what is your goal on this marathon?


                  This morning, I ran my loop that varies in distance depending on which Garmin I wear.  Today it was 5.73 miles which is turning out to be the most common result.

                  It was my best run in a while.  I didn't hit any point where I was totally wiped out, and even though I wasn't pushing, I was slightly quicker than any of the other runs on this loop in the past couple weeks.

                  Over on, someone posted, "I literally can't stand vegetables."  I clicked on it because I am not a fan of most vegetables either and I thought I would pick up some tips.  Here was my favorite reply to the person:

                  "Literally? It's easy! Find their center of gravity, and use THAT point as their base. You can then prop them up into a standing position for all of your still life needs."

                  And so it goes

                    Go OrangeMat, go!!! You will do great on your marathon.

                    Butterfly hugs and prayers to Holly and her family.

                    Enkie, good runners legs are nice Big grin, big  and tender heart is best!


                    I still need to catch up around here, maybe the weekend will give a few extra minutes to do so.


                    6 miles this morning. My legs are feeling well recovered after the relay, but I am still going to go easy on the speed this week, is not that I have a race around the corner to worry about.


                    I had to wear long sleeve shirt today for the first time Dead. Where did summer go?

                    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                    King of PhotoShop

                      Well, I've seen great running pictures over the years.  Now and then we all star in a great one, but that shot of Twocat was one of the best ever. Airborne is right.


                      Thanks Wild for the great shots.


                      Mariposasi, I forget the year Lydiard died. I could look it up, but that week he was in Dallas to speak and we went to hear him. A great memory for me.


                      So pumped about Saturday's 20K. I have worked hard for this.  Today was just a light final workout, 5.2 miles with 2 x 800 at 3:55 or so.  Tomorrow I'll run a mile or so to loosen up, then take Friday off.  Spareribs

                        ahhh, so THAT's how you stand vegetables. It all makes more sense now.


                        XC meet day. Unfortunately, he has a cold/sinus congestion thing going on right now, so he doubts he'll be very competitive out there today. I don't think he's been sick for maybe 4 or 5 yrs now, so he's bummed that he's feeling so drained during running season.


                        MM #6177

                          OrangeM - I may have missed this from earlier, but what is your goal on this marathon?


                          Um, not to be crapping on the side of the road during it.


                          Yeah, I don't ask for much in life...

                          Back on Stride

                            A little TMI there, maybe, OM?


                            Ribs, 20K seems like an unusual distance -- about .7 miles short of an HM. Is this a new trend?


                            A 6-mile recovery run around the lake this morning. Unfortunately, I'm apparently the only one of the Wednesday morning bunch who's not counted among the walking wounded: everyone else walked and I ended up running alone.

                            Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                              Went to the track for some 800s -  ran six of them and had a blast.


                              Jay – sounds like a lovely dinner! We have been doing some home improvement work – it is hard work and ensures a good night sleep.


                              Shadow Runner – same issue here – lots of traffic and varying levels of following traffic regulations. Be careful out there!


                              Tramps - #6 is usually my biggest challenge.


                              Mariposai – the moon was spectacular last night.


                              Sarge – I love Jackson Brown, but had not really thought about those lyrics.


                              OM – great goal!



                              Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

                              Groucho Marx

                              MM #6177

                                Sorry... I suppose I should take that post down. To answer your question legitimately Dave, I'm looking at 4:05 to 4:10 as a reasonable estimate of what I can do. I'm not going to obsess with trying to BQ (sub-4) but rather focus on feeling strong and in control the entire race. I had a rather disastrous bonk at CO, and I'd rather set my sights lower than face that outcome once again. The disappointment was almost worse than the physical discomfort.


                                5 miles for me today, 4 at tempo for my short out & back. Didn't have negative splits (8:21, 8:12, 8:11, 8:12) but held on steady so I suppose that was good. I really wish I could've cranked that last mile just a little more though, but that's the price I paid for speeding up too soon in the second mile. Goal pace was 8:30, so you can see how I overshot from the get-go. Oh well...