5th 3rd River Bank Run (25k)
15.77 mi. Added by corland (2/16/2008)
2007 course - not sure if changes have been made for 2008.
Clinton River Trail
20.01 mi. Added by crazytom (1/14/2008)
Trail actually extends even further than the 10 mile out & back I sketched here. Also, it's possible to jump off and catch the Paint Creek Trail as it passes through downtown Rochester.
Copy of East Lansing River Walk Run
6 mi. Added by GaSpartanfan (2/27/2008)
This river walk trail actually stretches Between East Lansing and Lansing. If you Like a little Concrete Jungel Mixed with some paved trails this is a great place to run, walk,or bike.
Copy of Hawk Island 5 mile
5 mi. Added by GaSpartanfan (2/27/2008)
If for some reason you are in the Lansing area, and need a great place to log a few miles this park in south Lansingis great! And if you have the family with you there are things for them to do as well
Copy of Lansing river walk trail aurelius to saginaw and back
9.2 mi. Added by GaSpartanfan (2/27/2008)
Nice Paved/wooden boardwalk Trail..through the town of Lansing..constantly expanding this..
Crim 10-Miler, Flint
10 mi. Added by rochrunner (12/26/2007)
The Crim route through Flint, marked by the permanent blue line. The Coolest Race in Michigan!
12 mi. Added by darrinjayclark (7/13/2008)
Ah, the dirt roads, no cars, covered bridges. Serenity now. Um, except for the monster hills!
Fennesy Lake Loop
14 mi. Added by darrinjayclark (7/13/2008)
From John Ball Park Zoo. Once around the lake for 12 miles, twice for 14, etc. Some hills for your enjoyment.
Free Press 1/2 Marathon
13.1 mi. Added by crazytom (1/14/2008)
Hudson Mills Metropark
2.67 mi. Added by HockeyFan (4/21/2010)
Map actually shows 2 times around.
Kennsington Metro Park
8 mi. Added by PowerOfQ (12/26/2007)
Max's run MSU campus
3.28 mi. Added by GaSpartanfan (3/5/2008)
Great 5k run through the heart of the beautiful Campus of Michigan State University. The only problem you might find here is a place to park..Use the parking garage located in down town East Lansing it's pretty cheap, fairly safe, and will keep you from getting your car booted ( this is not the case if this is a race day you can park on campus then)
Riverside Park 4.19 Mile Out and Back
4.19 mi. Added by JCEntRunner (11/20/2008)
Run Thru The Rapids 10K Race
6.2 mi. Added by JCEntRunner (11/20/2008)
Run Thru The Rapids 5K Race
3.1 mi. Added by JCEntRunner (11/20/2008)