Wanna help some adorable dogs AND get your run/walk in? (Read 16 times)

    Ok, so I posted this on the Striders site, too. BUT, for maximum exposure, I'm posting here also.


    So, there is a new program from Metro Animal Care & Control called The MACC PACK:



    They are organizing a monthly run/walk with some of the shelter dogs. I did it a couple of weeks ago for the first time and it was really fun and heartwarming! The pup I ran with just got adopted yesterday, actually! Anyway, the idea is to get involved with some 5Ks and take a few of the dogs to run in the race with little "adopt me" bandanas on to help raise awareness for shelter animals. They participated in a 5K a couple of months ago and also in a Christmas Parade and all the dogs involved in those two events were adopted!!!!!


    The monthly run/walk is organized so that the pups can get some exercise, exposure, be more relaxed for visitors coming to the shelter looking to adopt, and it helps if the person running/walking with the dog can offer some personality traits about the dog that can be posted to their facebook page.


    The Mill Creek Greenway is adjacent to the MACC and is a two mile out and back trail. So, it's easy to get in whatever distance/time you want. If you want to run more than the dog does, you just run back inside and get another dog!


    The next run/walk is scheduled for Feb. 1 @ 8:00am at MACC. If you have any questions please check out the facebook page and don't hesitate to send me a message on here or shoot me an email

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      Thanks for posting this! I'm definitely interested.

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        Awesome!! Hit me up if you have any questions or want the email address of the organizer!