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Lake Logan (Read 4 times)


    Lake Logan is this weekend.  Randy is doing the half on Saturday.  Mike, Jared, Jared's neighbor, Phil, and I are doing the International on Sunday.  Well, I am doing the aqua bike.  Should be good - hopefully!!


    Peter, did you guys go on vacation?  Seems like I remember you saying something but maybe not.  We have missed seeing you out on the Doodle Trail.

     - itri - 

      Good luck at Lake Logan!!!!!!!!!

      a buddy of mine named Sean Flaugher is doing the lake logan half.  it is his first official tri.  yep, 1st race is a half iron.

      Have fun.

        Good luck have fun!  Wish I could've gone!



          We snuck down to Myrtle Beach for a week immediately following the Doodle Trail 5k. I thought the race went pretty well and it grew from last year. I hope to do even better next year. It was a successful event and we raised enough money to install a public bike repair station on the trail. My goal is to make sure every part of the revenue goes back into improving the trail.


          I missed you guys after the race. My volunteers were selling tee shirts to bystanders so I hope you got yours. If not, let me know. I have one for you and Chad.


          We have been riding the trail every morning. Rode with Lori today. She had her first ride on a genuine TT bike.

            Yes now I'm in trouble....I don't know if I ever want to ride  a road bike again ! Just made my new bike fever worse, don't know if I can give it back 



              Really?  Oh man, that makes me want to try it and it makes me not want to tri it.  I have too much money invested in my road bike to not want to ride it again.

               - itri -