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Christmas/New Year's Party (Read 6 times)


    I had a few thoughts to share to see if you guys liked the ideas or not:


    1 - Would you guys be interested in hosting a YRT Christmas or after Christmas Holiday drop in or party or whatever we would like to call it?  We could have it at my house.  I don't mind having it at my house, the only draw back is parking but people can just park on the side of the road.




    2 - Have a YRT breakfast at Starving Artist on Saturday, December 26 (or another day)?  We could do a group run from the Y and then go eat.  I would do that but would anyone else?  Or Jimmy's, or IHOP.


    What do ya'll think?

     - itri - 

      I think that would be fun! I would be up for either! I am off on the 26th.