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    The pooch had a cool 4 mile trail run.  It was shorter and faster than usual.


    QOTD: pass


    Tallahassee, Florida


    Computer Geek

      10 roadie miles for me last night.....with wind gusts up to 45 mph.....I thought I was in Nebraska....except I have lots of hills.



      Qotd:  Do you write up race plans and set specific time goals for your races?

      Le professeur de trail

        At the gym early, 3.5 miles of some speed and hill stuff on the deathmill followed by some sort of workout with weights.  I swear I don't know what I am doing.


        QOTD: I used to but then realized it never goes as planned so why bother.  I still have time goals in my head (an optimal goal time, a moderate goal and a realistic goal).


        Have a great day!

        The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



          TrailTromper: Nice run this morning. I work/run in Havre de Grace so I get to enjoy the same cold temps everyday (yes 20 degrees is way to cold for me)


          mecrowe: wow 45 mph wind gusts, good run


          boyjame: nice mix of running and gym work


          I did an easy 4 today. Trying to get some sort of rest before the 50 this weekend


          qotd: I laminate an index card with significant time splits on it so I can try to stay somewhat on track.


          Everyone enjoy your runs today.


            5.1 last night. Working on form and building base back up. My miles have been crap since November, but my runs have been great.


            QOTD: Yes. I write plans. My only goal in a race is to run the race efficiently. Time is normally not at the forefront until I get out there and see how I feel that day.


              Good morning,


              Got in 4 miles on a hilly loop trail yesterday; not sure whether I'll run today or not.  I'm still in recovery mode, so I run when I feel like it.  However, I just signed up for the Cascade Crest 100 in August, so I'll need to start some heavy duty training, particularly climbing.  My "official" training won't start until May, but I'll start ramping things up over the next couple of weeks.  (Plus I have a couple of races I'll be running).


              qotd: for goal races, yes.  I typically come up with A, B & C goals and figure out my pacing strategy for each.

              Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100

                Morning folks! got in 6.2 miles at a nice easy pace.


                QOtd. I've written goals for one race. made the splits til the halfway mark .

                I'm probably going to have a pretty specific plan for my first 50 miler.

                Occasional Runner

                  In Albuquerque this morning. I logged 11 easy miles and it felt great. Heading west this morning and will get to run some of my favorite trails tomorrow. I'm really excited about that.


                  QOTD: When Jo is crewing me, I draft a race plan that outlines when I'll hit the aid stations and ultimately the finish. If I deviate from the plan, we make adjustments in the field as I go. I'm usually really accurate.


                    Hope to get in a short run at lunch, but so far it's one of those days where I might not get away.


                    QOTD: In my marathon days, I had my plan all laid out and would wear a bracelet with mile splits.  I did that to help slow me down at the start, as like many, I tended to go out way too fast.  Since converting to the "Dirt Side" I'll have an A, B and C goal in mind, but no big planning besides maybe  looking at the elevation charts of the course.

                    running under the BigSky

                      in Helena for work, so I hope to get in some good elevation work in this evening


                      qotd: I've always drawn up training plans, but never thought about drawing up a plan for the race, something I'm going to ponder Smile


                        Went to a follow-up doctor's visit today.  He was surprised that my tendon is still so sore to the touch so it's off for an MRI I go.  I'm still on "light running" for a while.


                        BTW, both US horses were sold to a stable in the mid-east yesterday, although they didn't finish the race I guess they still looked good enough to the local folks over there.  We'll miss those boys, but it was a distinct possibility on the trip so it isn't a complete surprise.


                        qotd:  for the longer goal races I make a plan, but I don't get too bent out of shape if it goes haywire.

                        Brazos Bend 100 - Dec 9th

                        Houston Marathon - Jan 14th

                          Hi all,


                          Skipped my run last night in favor of rest and happy hour. I was still sore in really weird places on my legs from my very snowy AT run.  This is a down week (35 mi.), so I can make up my miles during other runs.


                          Tonight I have 7 miles planned, with hill repeats. I'm pretty excited for this after 2 days of running rest!


                          QOTD: I usually have a goal pace in my head, but that's only the road races I've completed to date. Will be very different once trail races start for me in April, since I don't have ANY trail PR's yet.

                          My Blog:

                          I Run for Oiselle


                          Hyner 50k:  4/18/15

                          Laurel Highlands 70M: 6/13/15


                            Mornin' all.  Planning a nice 5 mile run for after work with the dog.  We got a fresh little layer of snow this morning which always makes for a nice run.


                            QOTD:  Nope.  I usually keep a few goals in mind, but I don't write up any specific race plan.


                            Faster Than Your Couch!

                              Good Morning,


                              6.5 miles with my running buddy and a friend. It was cold (18 deg) and very windy with gusts up to 35 mph. Still the run was fun.


                              TT: Your dawg is just one trail beast! Nice run!


                              mecrowe: Great night run! With such gusts, I almost get blown away.


                              Jamie: You don't need to know what you're doing, as long as you know where you're heading! Big grin


                              tmo: Don't ruin the taper, be patient! Good luck for your race!


                              LB2: Sometimes, a break from those big miles is a huge moral boost, especially if the runs were great!


                              EDRW: The bug got you, you go, girl!


                              Birdwell: Nice run to wake up!


                              lace: Great miles! I am amazed that with all those different locations, you don't get lost! Or is this how you get to your high mileage? Wink


                              AT: Hope you'll make your getaway!


                              warden: Have fun in the hills!


                              Sandy: That sounds scary. I hope it's nothing serious, and you'll be back to your usual running soon again.


                              Cocktails: It takes a while to recover from those snow runs. Just take it easy, that helps.


                              sugnim: Have a nice run later with the dog!



                              QOTD: No. I usually have an idea what time I'd like to aim for, but for the rest, I just wing it.

                              Run for fun.

                              Ultra Cowboy

                                Didn't draw my WY elk tag, but my novice buddy did.  I'll get in 4 tonight along Santa Rosa Creek.


                                No real plan on the race except nutrition and aid stations.