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Joshua Tree NP Traverse (Read 49 times)

running under the BigSky

    I'll be getting together w/ several of the guys that I ran the Grand Canyon last spring, on March 2 for a traverse of Joshua Tree NP, we'll be following the CRHT (California Riding and Hiking Trail) which will amount to ~ 38 miles


    weather should be close to perfect, lows in the upper 30's, highs in the mid 60's


    there is a spot 1/2 way (Keys View) where we'll stash water/grub for the 2nd half of the run


    we'll camp Friday night, run Saturday and camp Saturday night and head out Sunday morning


    we're definitely not the first folks to do this and probably not the last Smile

    Occasional Runner

      We used to live right next to the park. It's a beautiful area but I wasn't a runner back then and would love to go back to log some trail miles someday. This looks like a perfect trip.


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        Awesome! Good luck for your adventure!


        I visited JTNP many years ago, and I loved it (even though it was in July and incredibly hot then)!

        Run for fun.

        Uh oh... now what?

          Through no planning of our own we camped in Joshua Tree NP the

          night before a full moon.  We had no schedule and it was way past

          vacation season.  We stayed two more nights just to enjoy running

          under a full moon in the desert.  No lights, a few songs from some

          four-legged critters, a night bird or two.  We did not run in any

          particular direction.  Have a good time, is a wonderful place to be.

            Yes too bad you won't be there during a full moon.  kicks it up a few notches.  Heading to Riverside 03/16. Wish we would of cross paths because I would have definitely joined you.  Have fun and enjoy.  Camp at Jumbo Rocks.

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              Sounds like a great trip.  Camping under the stars and running are two of my favorite things.  Take many many pictures.  I've never been there but it is on my list.


              Thread killer ..

                That sounds like a perfect trip , I love running in the desert . Have fun !

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                  MT Warden, I think your timing is superior to the timing that the blog you linked to did.  May or June could get hot!


                  I can imagine a Night run Finishing as the sun comes up!



                  running under the BigSky

                    well from the sounds of it, looks like I'm in for a good trip Smile  the original plan was a moonlight run, but several of us (me included) have never been there and wanted to see it for the first time w/ light


                    ^ yeah- looks like things warm considerable by June!  too much so for the likes of me I'm afraid Big grin

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                      If you can stand a slightly larger group, I would love to join you.

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                        If it wasn't so close to my goal marathon of the year I would totally beg to join you!

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                        running under the BigSky

                          If you can stand a slightly larger group, I would love to join you.


                          that would be great Smile  we're camping at Blackrock (I think 81 is the spot we have reserved, but I think we're at our max of 6 for the spot), we'll start at the other end and finish at camp is the plan- I think there is another guy that is going to be in spot 98, sounds like he may have some room at his site???


                          we've got a thread going here if you want to pop in:


                          feel free to shot me a pm if you like Smile



                          Occasional Runner

                            Sounds good. We'll get connected on this.


                              Are you carrying your camping stuff with you, or is somebody shuttling that to the end?


                              This reminds me of a solo speedhiking/running trip i made in Yosemite in the fall. Climbed from Yosemite Valley past Half Dome and Merced Lake. I stopped on a ridge at 9000ft, watched the sun set, the stars show, and counted five shooting stars. I had 26 hours of solitude between the last person I met on Saturday and the first person I met on Sunday. I jogged on the flats and downs and hiked when it was even slightly up hill since the pack was about 35 lb.

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                              running under the BigSky

                                not this time, we'll be camping at one end (Black Rock) and then shuttling to the other end (stashing water/food at Keys)


                                I do have a trip planned (maybe this year, maybe next??) going all around the Wonderland Trail (93 miles) while carrying our gear-probably 3 days is what we're looking at- looking forward to that adventure Big grin