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How many here are running at the Indiana Trail 100 in April? (Read 37 times)


    I am signed up for the 100 and we will see what I can pull off. I will be thrilled with anything past 50.

    Here is the event website:


    I made short video preview of the course and it has had over 1000 hits so far.


    Who else?


    Just here for the food

      I officially registered today, so I'm in. I wanted to make sure my training held up and that I was able to handle multiple long run weeks before taking the leap, but here I am. This one will be my first 100 and I'm looking forward to it as much as one can, I suppose. I'm obviously a bit apprehensive about the distance but excited for the challenge.

      Uh oh... now what?

        I am signed up for the 100 and we will see what I can pull off. I will be thrilled with anything past 50.

        Here is the event website:


        I hope I'm not being a total jerk (realizing I always have some percentage of jerkiness).

        I realize psychological games vary from one person to the nextbut why would you be

        thinking of "anything past 50" as a goal?  Why do you not go into it with finishing the

        100-miler as a goal?  Is this an event where you can enter the hundred and adjust the

        finish point as the day passes?


          I hear what you are saying and I fully understand. It sounds like I am giving up before starting, but I have a method to my madness.


          I am a fairly new runner at the age of almost 62 - 3rd year of running.

          Have some half and full marathons under my belt and a couple of 8-hour ultras - mainly trail, which prefer.

          When I go to events, I do what I can do and I am usually near or at the back of any pack - and I am fine with that.

          At the IT 100, if you are registered as a 100-miler you get the full 30-hour limit (15-hours for the 50-milers).


          I really don't think my body can handle 100 miles, but I am pretty confident about the 50.

          I want the extra time, IF I have any problems - my bottom line goal is to get 50 miles.

          If all goes well, I believe I can get in 50 under the 15-hour limit that 50-milers are facing - I have done the loop twice now.

          I walked the loop with a race director last fall and took photos for the YouTube video.

          It took a little less than 5 hours of mainly good old walking - very little "running" to do the 16.67 mile loop.


          I went back in January and ran/walked it in about 3:50 or so and I took it pretty easy.

          My plan - in 5 weeks - is to do:

          Loop 1 in 4 hours - loop 2 in 5 hours or less and loop 3 in 6 hours or less and be done by the 9:00 PM limit (for the 50-milers).

          If I have any problems I can exceed the 15-hour limit because my limit is 30 hours.

          If my above plan works, then I may take a rest/nap and then go back out and do at least one loop in the night.

          I may bring a videocamera with me too, as I saunter around the woods.


          Who knows? Maybe I will feel great and do 5 loops and a miracle occurs and I really do 100!

          According to the IT 100 rules, 100-milers can DNF and still be recognized for anything over 50 and receive a 50-mile finishers medal.

          I might help someone out there who is death marching (and has no pacer) and help him/her get to the finish before noon.


          So . . . that is my reasoning and it is reasonable to me! Roll eyes

          I look forward to participating in an inaugural event and I will report back afterwards to share how the day(s) went for me.


            BTW - they are about to close the field for the IT 100.

            As of today, there are 170 100-milers and 108 50-milers.

            I believe I read that the 100 mile field will be closed first and soon, with the 50-mile event still open for a while.


            Next Saturday - March 23, they are running the final FA 50K for participants.

            They will have aid stations and probably have us wear timing chips like the last FA event.

            I plan on doing 2 loops - it should not be as cold as the last FA event.

            The IT 100 folks have had weekly training runs on the course for many months and they do a weekly night run on Thursday nights.

            On April 6 they are doing a night run/walk for pacer training for the IT 100.


            There have been many times when someone comes up to the course on a non-training run day and they have someone ready to run the course with that runner. They have really gone the extra mile - pun intended - to make this a great first-time event. I was fortunate enough to get one of the cabins and it is located along the course - thought it would require going UP some steep steps to stop in at my cabin. My wife will meet me now and then and kick me back out there when I am falling into a deep hole of fatigue despair.

              Signed up for the 50.

              Take Charge. Train Harder. Suck Less. No Excuses.


                I look forward to meeting you.

                I will be easy to find lined up at the back of the entire group!

                That is my comfort zone and I, for sure, will not go out too fast back there!


                  Yesterday was the final FA 50k training at the IT route.

                  I did two loops - 2 x 16.67 and it went pretty well.

                  That is the longest I have ever gone and I was tired, but I could have done another loop.

                  So . . . . I am not stressed out about being able to get at least 50 miles in during the April 20-21 race.

                  I hope it is dry because we had some nice muddy spots out there that were a little tricky.

                  An absolutely beautiful day and I hope it is that good for the race.

                  Really looking forward to IT 100.


                    I pulled all of this info from the registration list and compiled the following about the 177 100-mile runners at the inaugural Indiana Trail 100 (the 100-mile option registration is now closed, but the 50 is still open, but not for long):


                    Men - 137 Women - 40


                    Average age of the 177 runners is 43.88


                    Total runners in age groups:

                    23 - 29 = 12

                    30 - 39 = 47

                    40 - 49 = 62

                    50 - 59 = 44

                    60 - 67 = 12


                    Runner numbers by states: Indiana - 64 Michigan - 26 Illinois - 22 Ohio - 18 New York - 9 Kentucky - 8 Missouri - 4 Wisconsin - 4 Pennsylvania - 3 CO, GA, DE, TN, TX, IA - 2 each OR, MS, AZ, WA, FL, VA, SC - 1 each