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    I started running in 2002, and by 03 I was hooked badly on trailz. In 06, I bought a pair of Montrail Hardrocks, a shoe that was AWESOME. But in )7, they seemed to have cheapened it. the tread came unglued and such. In 08 they totally redesigned in and it was not near the shoe it once was. I have since bought several pair on eBay, but that river has run completely dry. I still have a couple of beat up pairs which still feel like old friends when I put them on. They can still carry me through a tough 50K with zero probs. I would LOVE to find another pair of 10.5s or 11s floating around there--even used.


    Finding a shoe that measures up has been impossible. I run in Cascadias, Trabucos, Xodus, and have tried a couple of Oboz shoes, LaSportivas, but none seem as supportive and comfortable. I've also tried the less-is-more line--Minimus, Peregrines, MT-110s, Lone Peaks, and I do like these for short runs, but not for anything longer than 50K. I still run as much as ever, but would be thrilled to have a good replacement for my dream shoe.


    What am I missing? Is there anything that comes close to 2006 Montrail Hardrocks?

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      looks like the Hardrock isn't even their lineup anymore; I've had good luck w/ both their Sabino Trail and Badrock (I've retired several pairs of each and have been very happy w/ the wear)- I know a lot of folks on this board are using the Mtn Masochist- I tried a pair but they didn't have enough room in the toe box for my liking



        After the update in 2008, and another in 2009, they dropped it. They messed up a good thing. I tried the Mt Masochist and it was narrow for me and did not feel right in the arch. i should gibe the Sabino and Badrock a test run. Wish there was a place nearby where I could try them on. Thanks for the suggestions.

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          TZ where is  close to home?


          Check out Zombie runner...I didn't see inoV-8 on your list...





            Tulsa OK. I have bought lotsa stuff from Zombie Runner before. Have not tried the innov8s yet. Next time in Dallas or colo springs, I'll depend some time trying out shoes.


               i should gibe the Sabino and Badrock a test run. Wish there was a place nearby where I could try them on. Thanks for the suggestions.

              Shoe  choices are always up to each based on our own criteria. Fit, usage, bio-mechanics, etc. Hard to ever make recommendations.


              Only my take(sorry warden)  for what it is worth-- the Badrocks are just bad. Waste of money.  Surprisingly poor traction, wobbly high feel-unstable, and kind of a mushy ride. Kept trying to make my pair work but finally said WTF am I doing. Shouldn't compound a mistake by trying to make it work. Gave them away to a non-running friend for wearing around.


              Look thru what you may find on Zappo's. You can order several makes, and wear them around the house and then ship back the ones one don't want. That company has built an empire with their favorable return policy.


              Possibly the original Vasque Velocity may come close. Good trail shoe though a bit heavy.



                The original V V was ok. It seemed really hard though. I wore a pair until it was wore out and did not buy another. I tried on a couple or Nerrells that showed promise today. I usually end up with some Christmas cash and gift cards which will make buying s couple pair guilt-free. :-)