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Le professeur de trail

    So it's spring but it really doesn't feel springy to me.  It was cold this morning.  No colder than it has been all winter but it just felt colder for whatever reason.  I ran, runned, run "ed" 7 miles this early morning.


    QOTD: What race or epic run or trip (or anything non running related) are you preparing for?


    For me I am of course trying to get healthy but also trying to get to a plce where I do not die at Hyner 50k in April.  If you do not hear from me after April 20th, you will know I failed.


    Have a great day!

    The incarnation of peacefulness and patience




      6.5 this a.m. - cold but nice to get off of the TM.


      QOTD:  Not sure yet if I'm thinking about this as a "goal race", but I have the Nipmuck Trail Marathon (CT) in October circled on my calendar, and a bunch of races between now and then are sort of steps to be able to race that one well.


      Endless trails

        Morning kids,


        Nice early runs, both of you. I'm heading out to run/explore some trail sections this afternoon,

        forecast calls for snow. Fingers crossed that this be the last snow-run.


        I ran NipMuck last year, DigDug, cool course. Is this your first time there?


        QOTD: I was signed up for an April 27th 50K, but my winter training wasn't sufficient so I'm

        backing out of that. I now have my eye on Pineland Farms 50K in May, in Maine. Tougher to

        find good trail races here in NE, nothing like the 'every weekend a 50K' in the bay area.


          Sorry, but the weather here this morning was perfect, low humidity and about 50 deg.  Only problem was... my legs were a bit dead for my 5 miler, but that is to be expected due to my quick ramp-up of mileage.


          qotd:  Although I have some races coing up this spring, I'll be treating them as training for my two adventures this summer...  Hardrock (I'm pacing a friend) and then I'll be running Leadville.

          Houston Marathon - Jan 14th

          Bear 100 - Sep 28th

            Marley and I had a nice hilly 7 mile trail run this morning.  It was a little above freezing and cloudy.


            QOTD: I have a few things going.  The most obvious is that I am planning a thru hike of the John Muir Trail.  I plan to also achieve progress toward two other goals on the drive out from the east coast.  Those are a goal to visit all 50 state high points and a goal to ride a bicycle in all 50 states.


            Tallahassee, Florida


            Faster Than Your Couch!

              Good Morning,


              Still snow in patches down in the valleys, and lots up in the mountains, but hey, it IS spring. Just feel the warmth of the sun (when it's out...), listen to the birds, watch the animals, that's why we run trails, people! To keep us happy, no matter what the weather!


              About to head out to another epic run. After a long, long motivational hole, I think I'm up on top again, enjoying almost every run, even if it's a "bad" one (it's never a bad run, it's a learning experience!). Feels so much better than thinking of it as a chore.


              Jamie: Knowing you, you were perhaps wearing shorts in 20 degree weather? Maybe think of getting some tights on sale - just saying, there ain't no bad weather...


              DD2: Yay, you made it out there. Give the ol'dreadmill a good kick!


              jonfer: Enjoy the scouting! Always a fun experience!


              Sandy: Nice conditions, must be THAT ONE day of the year... Big grin


              TT: Your runs are getting longer. Spring fever?



              QOTD: Not preparing for, at least not physically, but mentally tackling the Hardrock 100. It's tough, I know, but seems to be just the right course for me. If I could just get over my sensitivity to high altitudes!

              Currently, it's the Hyner 50k (coming up in 4 weeks), and the Oil Creek 100 in October.

              Run for fun.


                Nice spring day here--it's 11F. Feels colder. Angry


                So I was doing a nice 8 mile run yesterday when at the furthest point from my car my phone rings and it was a couple guys that needed to meet with me at my office right away. Aarggh! Two straight days of tempo running. So today will be an EASY 5 miler sans the phone. Work just gets in the way of about everything.


                QOTD-I am entered in 3 events starting in Aug with Tahqua 25k, Moose Mt. marathon and then the Porcupine Mt. marathon. Plenty of time to work towards that and I need it. My schedule has become clearer so I may shoot back to the Smokies in a few weeks to do the 31 miles of the AT from Newfound Gap to the east park boundary. Found someone to do a shuttle for me. Not sure yet though.


                Mainly I'm waiting for spring as I have researched some different trails in a wild chunk of land about an hour and a half west of my shack. Long ago I have bear hunted in there and know it a little but it is the Penokee range and because our Governor is in bed with the mining companies this chunk of pro-facto wilderness will soon be obliterated. So I need to spend some time there, I am sure you understand.


                  Morning all!

                  No running today for me.  Angry piriformis, so a day of rest (and yoga) are planned.   Just as well, winter came back here (although not 11F), windy, cloudy and cold.  not very inspiring.


                  qotd:  My 'big' race is the one I've been helping DS train for -- ham run half in northern MN.  It is not a trail race, unless you consider the Gunflint trail (road) by  it's historic roots.   I haven't looked much further than that, other than thinking about a fall 50k.  Any suggestions?  NH-- thinking about moose mountain next year.


                    I ran NipMuck last year, DigDug, cool course. Is this your first time there? 

                    Yes, this will be my first time.  I read your race report last year - sounds like a challenging but fair course.  I've run some other Grand Tree Trail Race Series races (CT/MA/VT/NH) and like to run as many CT races as I can.  I have no "ultra" aspirations at the moment, so this would be at the long end of things for me.


                      I'm off today with nothing to do except, file taxes, do math homework, study for a math test, study for a biology test, try to straighten out DS college financial issues and a few other minor chores. So the question is, which one do I do first? Sounds like it's time to go for a long run up on the mountain Big grin !!!! It's all about priorities.  Hoping to get somewhere between 13-18 miles in today depending on my sore calf.


                      QOTD: My first 50k is right around the corner (Hyner) and I'm not happy with where I'm at in my preparation for that. After that It will be trying to get ready for the Oil Creek 100k, if I can get signed up for that this Saturday. The 50 k version sells out in minutes and now some people are pumping the 100k, so I expect that it too will sell out very fast.

                        Morning folks!

                        Today has turned into an  unscheduled rest day for me. (Doc thinks its a kidney stone! I wanted to die for about 4 hours yesterday afternoon. I feel fine  decent this morning though)


                        QOTD: right now all I can think about is the 100 miler I want to do next year (Black hills 100). all the prep I'm doing is for that.


                          12 miles on some lightly snowy windy trails.  Come to think of it, most of my trail runs the past few weeks were lightly snowy and windy .



                          At least someone got to Punxsutawney Phil before I did!



                          QOTD:  All my races are just training runs for my next race Wink.  I am signed up for Ironmaster 50K in April and then Sole Challenge 24 Hour in May, and looks like Tuscarora Trail 24 Hour in July.  My real goal is doing a solo 4 state 50+ mile run on the AT.  I'll start at Caledonia State Park in PA, run 12 miles to MD, then cover 40 miles to get to WV, then 2 miles into VA for the finish.

                            Hi All,


                            I woke up to snow as well here in southeastern PA. I ended up getting in about 5.5 last night, and then visited a 1 week old baby. So cute.


                            Tonight I'm going to run as much as possible between work and my 8:00 dinner reservations. Ideally, 8 mi. but we'll see how long it takes me to get out the door.


                            QOTD: My first 50k is in May (local but still scary being my first). Also going to Turks and Caicos with my family in July, which will be amazing. Planning to train for the Vermont 50 this summer as well.

                            My Blog:

                            I Run for Oiselle


                            Hyner 50k:  4/18/15

                            Laurel Highlands 70M: 6/13/15




                              qotd:  My 'big' race is the one I've been helping DS train for -- ham run half in northern MN.  It is not a trail race, unless you consider the Gunflint trail (road) by  it's historic roots.   I haven't looked much further than that, other than thinking about a fall 50k.  Any suggestions?  NH-- thinking about moose mountain next year.

                              Sounds great.  I've got a mt. bike, trail run triathlon scheduled with my daughter this summer. Fun to do something like that with your kids.


                              Now to get your trail fix while up there just take a turn to the west off the Gunflint onto the Kekekabic and have a family member pick you up in Ely. Smile


                              Moose MT is beautiful. I've done it a couple times along with twice doing the 50k in the spring. Mandy has a nice writeup if it's still around on her time doing it over at RW.

                                SRD for me today, hope I have time to hit the gym after work.


                                runtraildc, hope that piriformis feels better (mine gets angry too and is a real pain in the butt) yoga definitely helps.


                                QOTD Planning a long weekend with my  girlfriend in Philadelphia for the dirty German 25K in a few weeks.  It's  my first trail race but get excited!