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    Sandy- LOL!!!  I love our "interpretation" of what doc''s say.  Good news all the way around on the MRI!



    qotd: Vancouver and California- but 9 homes amongst those (counting the dorm).

    Uh oh... now what?

      Yeah, is John asking about living in or have travelled to or thru, not flying over?


      Only lived in the one but I have been in all but 4--Ak, Ha, Tx, Ok.. I'm sure I'll get to all but Hawaii as I have no desire to head there unless someone else is paying. I should do a road trip to Texas to run in one of the many fine trail runs there. One of these days.


      Quite the group of nomads here. Nice.

      I was asking about visiting.  Driving (riding on Amtrak?) through would qualify, but not flying over.  Hawaii and Alaska were courtesy of the U.S.Army--not sure about the courtesy part, but I know it was the Army.


      We have a few trail races (almost any distance) here in Washington--lots of room for guests.


      boyjame:  I took the Jersey job because I was promised a transfer to Washington if I would work Salem for two years.  It was certainly different after all the years in Arkansas, Georgia, and Missouri--never went back.


      runfastandie:  Wait until most head for Vancouver, Washington...not knowing...


        Ha! Yes- Vancouver Canada.  The BEST mountains EVER!!!!