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Moaning Monday (Read 36 times)

    Got in a super easy 2.5 this morning. It's full blown taper mode for me this week.



    QOTD: nope, still winter here.


      So I got in an easy 4 miles today. Woo-hoo, but after how things were the past week it was good. Very icy around here. So I may run tomorrow or I may do a little snowshoe hike midday somewhere. Need to take it easy I think. Not sure if this is the new normal for me or just the very slow recovery of an old guy.


      QOTD--Spring?? Humpf!  I'm heading south early Wed. so I can find it.

        New temporary job which may turn into permanent job with a new department.  They allow no personal internet use (other place was fine with it at breaks and lunch).  So will be checking in late at night.  took the day off today per usually after long run but will be getting up in AM for pre-work run as hubby out of town for two weeks.


        QOTD: Yes but usually while I am at work.  this weekend was nice but still chilly by CA standards.

        08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

        08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler


        Uh oh... now what?

          A fitness center for free?  We went--recumbed and pedaled, walked some 13:30s on the moving sidewalk, figured out how to strain muscles on five different machines, listened to the very fit looking supervisor explain that I should be careful on my first day there.  Kathy got no warnings--she cheated and wore a shirt that says "Big Whoopee Trail 50k" on it... I had on a grey sweatshirt and no Grecian 44 to enhance my youthful appearance, but the nice lady was impressed with my walking 13:30s on a 4% grade... so was I until I tried to drink from the squeeze bottle while still in motion, flew off the back and landed on top of the little old lady who had almost reached yoga mantra #17... drat.


          Patting ourselves on the back and our continuing our XT mode we walked a couple of miles this afternoon with a trash bag -I suppose it is just me, but things seem a lot trashier this year.  In the 2.5 miles to the beach and back we almost filled a huge bag.


          QOTD:  It says 43ºF at 9:26 p.m. PST.  We saw two snow geese this afternoon.  They are early to be northbound.  We have been seeing eagles on their nests, last years fawns have been abandoned--mom is gone to await spring birthing.  We saw a big sea lion today--we think it was early (and alone).  The new growth of ferns and stinging nettles are both showing through the ground cover.  Spring isn't until March 20th, but there are a lot of signs.  We are always early out here.