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    Good evening, late to the party due to travel. We have safely arrived in MD, and came from deepest winter into a nice spring feel. We drove through blasting snow squalls for the first 120 miles, then it cleared up, and we saw the first spring flowers, and later blooming trees. Nice experience. Tomorrow I'll meet up with traildc, we'll take out our kids for a run and a ride, this could be fun! For you "DC" runners, the Hudson Trail Outfitters are having a liquidation clearence, good stuff at great prices. Got a pair of waterproof, windproof, super-thin Polartech bike gloves (winter gloves) for DS for just $15. Only back at home, I realized these would have been a great deal as a second pair of running gloves for myself, too - duh. QOTD: I started out in a pair of no-name sneakers, back in the mid-70's. Talk about selection then, this did not exist, at least not in Austria. Then my middle-school XC team got sponsored by Adidas, so Adidas it was. Those red leather flats with white stripes, no cushioning. Somewhat similar to today's minimalist shoes, just lacking ventilation. no big deal, my longest distances would be around 5k then. Next were those Adidas with the insertable rods to adjust the cushioning. They worked great for me, I ran in them for years, up to 12 miles, until my dog chewed them up one day.

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      I don’t think the intimidation comes from the people here…ultramarathons are intimidating and to the uninitiated (like myself) it seems like you would have to be some sort of superhuman to do it.  I bet novice stamp collectors would be intimidated to join in on a discussion of philately with collectors that have serious collections.

      Lace up: Have you read "Born to Run"?  Shoe companies have tricked you into running in their shoes, which is causing all of your running injuries.  You can prevent all of that by taking off your shoes and running barefoot (does being facetious work in a forum?).  Tarahumara.



      I can understand the intimidation thing and I hope I don't contribute to any of that. I usually post from my perspective, which is a long distance perspective, but I think everyone here does a great job of appreciating running at all distances. I'll be running a lot of sub-marathon trail races this year and I know none of them will be "easy". I think there's a lot to be gained from listening to everybody in the forum, regardless of their experience, race distances, or "credentials". Unless you're a barefoot runner, in which case, you can kiss my ass.

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        Yesterday was a tempo run for me, I did a 10k and just wanted to get under 55 as I'm getting back into shape still. It will be nice once my fitness test is over so I can go back to primarily trails. It can definitely be intimidating, not sure whether or not it's the distance or of an ultra or the ultra runner themselves (since you guys as badass). All of my goals lead up to an Ultra and I hope to be running a 50 next year although it will be interesting how I train for that seeing as I am planning on going overseas for contract work in June, I guess a lot of treadmill incline runs on some military base. I'm definitely new to serious running and perhaps the freshest to trails on these forums, not sure, of course I have ran with the military, but never enjoyed it until I learned to run for myself. I still don't enjoy runs the military makes me do but will go out and do a even harder run by myself and enjoy it, I guess it's a mental thing.