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    After a poor week in terms of mental prep, what with dental problems (antibiotics and pain killers) as well as a heavy week with some very tight deadlines, I know I am not ready for what awaits me at 6am tomorrow morning. I have a 100k trail race tomorrow and, if you saw either my log or my previous reports over much shorter distances you will know it is folly to even contemplate this challenge. I'll not defend my decision to run other than to say I have already fulfilled some of my goals simply by signing up for this baby: I have dropped 18 lbs I trained through a complete year. I competed in trail races of 30k Those things may not of been possible without this bigger goal ahead in the spring. so, out of respect to this and with a little nod to the dream that I could even finish, I'll be there Smile Wish me well and don't be too hard on me if I tumble Wink As for prep..things are shaping up in terms of kit...jeeze..look at this stuff!!! It's starting to look like a cross between an adventure shop and a pharmacy!! This is the run profile. The weather has been rotten with snow and heavy rain throught the week. We are expecting a break for the race though with a head-wind of 6-10mph, clouds and 10 - 14°c. A bientôt. MTA: photo tag stuff

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    My sweet new crank!

      Good Luck, with Gear like that how can you not be ready! I have a 35m training run tomorrow, once I am done, I will try to be glad that I am not pushing 25 more!!!
      Ryan O'D Gurnee, IL by way of Madison, WI via Wichita, KS via Denver, CO
        Read the quote at the bottom of your post. Enough said. Good luck. Keep going till you can't or they pull you.

        "Run slowly, run daily, drink in moderation, and don't eat like a pig" Dr. Ernst Van Aaken. Sorry ultrasteve.

        You'll ruin your knees!

          Sweet! Best of luck to you! You have come a long way since we first met, I am pulling for you. I anxiously await your report w/pictures. Would absolutely love to come run with you someday! Lynn B MTA: or I could just come shop in your gear closet! Shocked

          ""...the truth that someday, you will go for your last run. But not today—today you got to run." - Matt Crownover (after Western States)

          Into the wild

            Thanks folks... just putting finishing touches to 'the planning'. You will all be with me...on that you may depend.

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              Good luck in your adventure. All your gear laid out reminds of when I would go climbing and get all the gear put out and wonder what what I was forgetting. Have fun.


                Go! Johnny, Go! Run like the wind! And have fun! You might surprise yourself! Kelly
                If you never go fast, you'll never go fast.

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                  A brief post en lieu of a fuller report when I have my strength back Smile I reached Aubrac (45km), the end of the second of four stages before my wheels fell off Black eye The day was perfect in terms of weather; cool, cloudy/sunny/cloudy. The course condition was something else. Oh boy...wake up Johnny, time to get down and very dirty: I'd never seen anything like it. Much of the trail was awash with mud, the climbs and descents were streams!! I publicly thank my wife for her support up to and during this run. I want to tell anyone interested that my Inov Roclite 315s are the business. They are sure footed, quick to drain, comfortable and supportive. I wish I could only be the same!! Happy Trails

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                    Good effort Johnny. I'm looking forward to hearing more.
                    Find the fun.
                      Talk about muck Shocked I'm suprised you didn't lose a shoe, or two. Good effort under those ocnditions. My Blog
                      Only the lead dog has a different view. My Blog

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                        In all seriousness I don't think I would have made that far without a last minute purchase of mini-gaiters. I got mine from decathlon France for about 8 euros...they stop all the crapola getting in and clearly broke any suction too. So, go get some Smile

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