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Another personal best, but sore (Read 131 times)


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    Today I went further than I have run in my life...15 miles! Big grin My body is telling me to rest so next week is a recovery week. This was a hilly trail again and I am a little sore. Tomorrow may be unconfortable. I think a swim will help. I double posted this at the 1000 mile club, sorry I'm just stoked. I am feeling the hill repeats last week and this in sore. I am sure after the comming recovery week I will see improvement. May 10 is my 22K trail race.
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      Nice one TS Smile Enjoy an ez week and then get back in the saddle.. Happy Trails

      Shut up and run

        Good going! The hill repeats will be your friend someday. Actually, I'd much rather do hill repeats or hill strides than regular strides (gag me). (And strides is probably not the most common term most people use.)

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        Husband and father of 4

          Thanks JohnnyFranglais and fatozzig. Appreciate the encouragement?
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