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3 Hills (Macclesfield)
4.76 mi. Added by Neil Gunn (7/19/2008)
One of my lunchtime runs from work. This route is used as a regular 'race' amongst us runners at work. It is called three hills as, well, there are three hills.
Arran holiday blackwaterfoot-Corriecravie 7.71 miles
6.01 mi. Added by Wobblebottom (8/23/2008)
The road of a thousand ups! If ever your visiting Arran, this superb run may seem a bit boring going there and back along the same route, but believe me, the sea views are worth the pain! I cut it short but you can turn it into a 7.71 mile by going to Corriecravie.
Birmingham Half Marathon 13.1
13.1 mi. Added by gary73 (12/13/2012)
Cholsey - Molesford 7.5 miles
7.6 mi. Added by Sticky1 (7/18/2008)
Who ever said Oxfordshire was flat...?
Christmas Cracker (Staffordshire)
8.2 mi. Added by Neil Gunn (7/19/2008)
A winter fell-race. Fancy dress almost obligatory. :-)
2 mi. Added by sakyasage (7/1/2013)
3 mi. Added by sakyasage (7/1/2013)
5 mi. Added by sakyasage (7/1/2013)
Finch 10.3
10.3 mi. Added by Nev (7/19/2008)
Nice run - includes Wellingtonia avenue and california country park - a few hills (nothing big) and plenty of oppertunity to add / subtract if needed on the day.
Great Langdale Half
13.1 mi. Added by WillC (8/8/2008)
Rough route of Great Langdale Half (shy by about .75 miles!).
Great South Run 2006
10 mi. Added by RunningHammer (1/23/2007)
18,000 runners took part in this race in Portsmouth, I may have gone slightly wrong around the dockyard but the distance markers seemed to have ended up in the right places!
Laguna Phuket Marathon 2012
42.2 km. Added by Simon Grounds (7/2/2012)
A great destination Marathon, in Phuket, Thailand. A scenic semi-out and back course, mainly on quiet rural roads through lush vegetation. Starts/finishes at Laguna beach hotel, turnaround point at a nice quiet beach. Some support from the locals, but generally a quiet route. Also a half marathon and 10km run, which would not be as scenic.
Leek 1/2 M (Leek, Staffordshire)
13.1 mi. Added by Neil Gunn (7/19/2008)
A tough 1/2M in Staffordshire ... not PB territory due to 1400' of ascent but great views and atmosphere. Usually held August public holiday weekend.
Lincoln 10k race or something like this!
10 km. Added by Wobblebottom (7/22/2008)
Great 10k for checking out your form after Christmas Held every year in March.
London Marathon
44.1 km. Added by Nev (5/22/2009)
London Marathon
Long run
21.17 km. Added by Samlast (5/13/2007)
Posting this as competition on the "most nasty hill" front - Pilkington Avenue's there to make bad days worse!
Macclesfield 1/2 M
13.1 mi. Added by Neil Gunn (7/25/2008)
A hilly ('1200 of ascent) 1/2M - not really PB territory due to the hills. Held end Sept/early Oct and usually 600-700 entries. Neil can help with accomodation etc!
Northumberland Coastal Race
13.5 mi. Added by Neil Gunn (7/20/2008)
A tough multi-Terrain race (sand, trail, coastal path and road). Held each year.
13.01 mi. Added by Wobblebottom (7/22/2008)
My first every half marathon, so special to me!
Wendover Circuit 9
9 mi. Added by CoffeemanRunning (8/23/2006)
Posted this as it had a very long hill! I wonder if any UK runners have a longer one.....