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Trail Dog

    I ran 10.8 at Deer Grove today. The yellow trail was in very good shape, with maybe just a one-half inch of snow. Way less snow than what we got in the Evanston/Skokie area. You could see the dirt/gravel so traction was not an issue. The bike path east of Quentin appeared to be completely clear, at least what I could see from the road. I did criss cross a portion of the bike path west of Quentin, and that was a little snowy in shady areas (though melted in full sun).


    Sharz - I really love Busse. I run there rarely, but always enjoy it. I am struggling to find a good shoe for the trails here. In Atlanta, I wore the Montrail Mountain Masochist but that shoe is WAY overkill here - I've been wearing my old Cascadias for the last few runs, and find they are okay. But I am going to keep looking.


      Oh no, I was promised by a local that the NBT is clear in the winter!  I'm thinking I'll need to join a gym for a backup, especially for long runs. My neighborhood, too, is good for 6-8 miles but I'm not a big fan of repeating loops.


      Busse is only 5 minutes or so from work so I ran there sometimes this fall- I saw they have a spring marathon there, but it sounds like the repeated loops might get old.


      Person of Interest

        In the winter we do group long runs on Sheridan Rd when the Green Bay Trail is not clear.  Out and back from Plaza Del Largo in Wilmette.  Mostly head north.  A 20 miler will take you through Highland Park.  We also hit Fort Sheridan.


        Anyway, my post from this morning was eaten... in short: 12 miles. 15F temps.  Not that bad.   Below 10F starts to suck.  42 on the week for me too... probably be closer to 50 next week.  Then Boston training will begin.

        "Only a few more laps to go and then the action will begin, unless this is the action, which it is."