Whitefish High School


Time Trial Results for 2009 (Read 415 times)

    Whitefish High School

    Cross Country

    Green - Gold Time Trial

    August 28, 2009


    Boys Results:


    1. Nathan Knox, 11 18:15

    2. Baxter Graham, 11 18:51

    3. Jace kalbfliesch, 9 19:14

    4. Will Holdhusen, 10 19:17

    5. Fischer Gangemi, 9 19:20

    6. Chris Reyna, 11 19:58

    7. Francisco Valle, 12 20:08

    8. Dietrich Perchy, 11 21:45

    9. Daniel Riveria, 10 22:48

    10.Spencer Hale, 9 22:53

    11.Matt Gutierrez, 11 22:55

    12.Jon Jacobs, 9 27:12

    13.Matt Kennedy, 11 31:58

    14.Adam Negri, 11 34:43


    Girls Results:


    1. Bailey Eaton, 11 18:58 (meet record)

    2. Loni Hanson, 12 19:24


    3. Jessica Sagen, 11 19:34

    4. Carly Schwickert, 11 21:14

    5. Hannah Weaver, 12 21:21

    6. Elizabeth Stevenson, 12 22:52

    7. Nicole Birk, 10 26:58

    8. Justine Dugdale, 10 34:41

    9. Haley Hill, 12 35:10


    2 mile


    Jackie Cassidy, 11 13:59

    Henry Holt, 8 13:06

    Tanner, 8 13:21


      Hey Bill,


      Where did you guys race this weekend?  I see that you weren't at Flathead? 

        Well, Janna, if you remember from the past, Bill was out of town this week.  He gets back tonite.  I took the kids to Eureka for an invitational there on Friday afternoon.  It was really hot @85 or so, the course was about the same difficulty as Flathead, but, at least half of it was on grass - it was at Indian Springs Ranch golf course.  Both the boys and girls won as teams overall, Bailey, Jess, Loni and Hannah went 1,2,3,4 and Liz was 10th.

          sounds exciting!

          i look forward to seeing full results Smile

              thanks Jacob!


              so exciting that both teams (especially the boys!) won!  tell them congrats for me and i'm really looking forward to how things go in ronan and at mountain west!

               (seriously, I get very excited about seeing results)

              Anne Dan

                wow sweet, 1 2 3 4 brings a lot of confidence and motivation to the team, that is awesome.  I hope the season continues to progress with further success and, keep up the momentum!
                  5th at Mountain West?!!!! That is so exciting Smile I remember when we were happy to be like 18th or something like that haha. 

                    I must say that I was impressed as well.  Last year we ran pretty well and finished 3rd, and was 7th the year before that.  I know our plan was to be happy with placing in the top ten.  After watching the girls finish I figured it was a good race, and that we would make the top ten.  When I saw that the girls were 5th, I was surprised.  The times were a bit slower than normal.  Something with the course or the heat????  It seemed to have effected everyone, so even though the times weren't quite as fast as last year, the placings were really good in comparison to the rest of the field.  The next Class A school was quite a ways back.  Glendive looks to be our best challenger, and they didn't attend, so we'll have to wait until state to see if we can get by them.