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Spring will be here soon ! (Read 398 times)


    Hi everyone,

    I had forgot about this forum for awhile just dropping by.  I missing the barefoot running haven't been doing much lately cause of the cold. I'm ready for some warmer weather soon and will trying to get some small barefoot group runs going in the Atlanta if anyone might be interested let me know.

    The first run will be Sunday Feb, 14th at Stone Mountain park, no time decided yet. Anyone is welcome barefoot or shod.


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      I can't wait for warm weather, either, Mokaman... the cold and snow totally saps my motivation.

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        I can't wait for warm weather, either, Mokaman... the cold and snow totally saps my motivation.



        Me too on the motivation thing, but a couple days this week I have gotten outside for some BF running.  If it's not too cold and as long as the sun is shining, the ground hasnt been too bad.

          You guys are putting me to shame with the barefoot running in the winter. I can't seem to get my feet to find it agreeable.


          I am looking forward to spring very much as well. It will be fantastic to feel a breeze and think that it feels good, instead of stinging.

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            On Groundhog Day, I started seeing flocks of robins up here in northern Indiana. I think that means Spring is on its way!


            It was bit warmer here this week. We were up in the mid 30's for a few days, so I did the last 1/2 mile of my run last night BF. It wasn't too bad! After the first 1/4 or so, my feet got used to the temp. There's still all kinds of gravel and salt all over the roads, so I don't think I'm going to do a whole lot of miles BF outside for a while. It felt good to do a little, though!


            It does surprise me a bit, though, about the difference in speed. Earlier in the week, I did about two miles on the indoor track in just my socks. I was still cruising along at my usual pace, 7:30-8:00. Then, I did that 1/2 mile outside two nights later, and my pace is more like 10:30-11:00. The indoor track is just real thin carpet over cement, so I wouldn't call it padded. Any ideas why so much of a difference in speed?

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            Barefoot and happy

              Definitely excited for spring.  I'm ready.

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