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cartoon from masters forum about runnking barefoot (Read 432 times)

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    Over the Hedge - July 11, 2010



    originally found posted by coincidence by stumpy in my masters forum daily for 7/11/10

    when I returned from the annual local Bare Buns Fun Run in Issaquah, Washington

    Regarding my 200th marathon in 8:16:36.6 at age 73 compared to Ed Whitlock’s 2:54:48 at age 73 and my first one at 3:52:15 at age 34,  "That was a good day. It was never a struggle, . . . . almost like walking"

      That is kinda funny. I was just thinking that people must think I am crazy, since I am running in Huaraches and a 2" short with only a backpack on. This cartoon seems to fit pretty well. I am sure some people might think I am essentially naked.

      One problem, that guy has shoes on.


      Agony of Da Feet (#2867)

        When my buddy was in Africa, he'd go for a run in just his shorts, and all the local women would run screaming from him as to them it seemed like a naked white man was running through their village.

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