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cartoon from masters forum about runnking barefoot (Read 432 times)

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    Over the Hedge - July 11, 2010



    originally found posted by coincidence by stumpy in my masters forum daily for 7/11/10

    when I returned from the annual local Bare Buns Fun Run in Issaquah, Washington

    just seein' if being in shape from winter ski racing in those days was good enough to run annual marathons

    since 1977 and triathlons of all distances to IM since 1978 without that much, if any, training. Yippee, it was. 

      That is kinda funny. I was just thinking that people must think I am crazy, since I am running in Huaraches and a 2" short with only a backpack on. This cartoon seems to fit pretty well. I am sure some people might think I am essentially naked.

      One problem, that guy has shoes on.


      Agony of Da Feet (#2867)

        When my buddy was in Africa, he'd go for a run in just his shorts, and all the local women would run screaming from him as to them it seemed like a naked white man was running through their village.

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