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My new minimal shoes (Read 621 times)

    I've been shopping for a new minimal shoe and have not had much luck.  The most promising looking one is the Kinvara but I have not found a pair to try on yet.  I like the idea of the Asics Piranha but they feel like they would last about 50 miles before they are completely worn out.  I have tried various versions of the VFF but I just don't like the individual toe feel.  The other recommendation I keep hearing is for swim shoes but those things just shred my feet.  The end result of my research led me to some footwear I already bedroom slippers!  I did a 1 mile test run yesterday and they worked like a champ.  Thin soles, flexible, no heal rise, comfortable flannel lining, just what I have been looking for.  The best part is that they are super cheap and come in all shapes, sizes and designs.  I'm thinking my next race will be in some nice pink bunny slippers!

      thats freakin awesome.

        Pajamas would complete the outfit. Smile

        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

        Oh roo roooo!

          The slipper idea is very cool!  Regarding the Piranhas, I have a pair w/300 miles on them and they are not causing me any problems yet.  Of course, I got them on a great sale from Running Warehouse, like $40 rather than the full price of over $100, so that was a factor in my giving them a try.


          Please do post any comments you get about running in your slippers, as this should be interesting!

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            I converted a worn thru the upper pair of Crocs to running shoes by cutting a slit around the side of the toe box to provide more toe room. Wore them for two years before the conversion. Have over 150 mi on them so far and not showing signs of wear. I also made a pair of Huarache sandals and have them both in rotation with two pair of VFFs and a pair of END OTG's. I also did a test 3 mi run in a pair of Tom's shoes which are very thin, flat, and and have no heel rise. Not sure I would use them as regular running shoes tho since they don't have much in the way of material.


            Let us know how the slippers wear, and eventually the brand! LOL


            btw - what is the sole material of your slippers? rubberized?

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