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Win a copy of The Barefoot Running Book by guessing my finishing time in tomorrow's 15K! (Read 323 times)

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    The person that guesses closest without going over wins a copy of The Barefoot Running Book!  Read the details here:

    Barefoot Running University- Jason's barefoot running site

    Agony of Da Feet (#2867)

      I'm also giving away a copy, all you need to do is leave a comment here:

      I've also written a review of the book if you are interested in that.

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      (wow, been a while since that's been updated...)

        can we guess for both of you?


        jason can you at least make your log viewable, otherwise i might just sit you in last place.

          1:05:00 and second to last


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          Imminent Catastrophe

            I'm thinking, the moniker "Last Place" is a bit of disinformation.

            1:03:00. Pretty speedy IMHO. 

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