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Me, the trail, and the squirrel (Read 17 times)


    Joe: sure is a nice peaceful morning along the trail here.  Oh, look.  A cute little squirrel up ahead


    Squirrel:  Whoa!  What is that coming at me.  What do I do?  Run left, not right, no left, no right, no away, away, wait.... gotta go back to my tree, right back towards IT!  Ahhh... where's the tree, where's the tree!!!  There it is!!!  pant, pant, pant......


    Joe:  Oh, cute little squirrel.  Can't wait to share what a peaceful morning run I had.


    Squirrel: (to his friends) Dude's, there was this huge, ugly, sweaty thing running right at ME!  It shook the ground as it got close.  And it smelled funny too!  It was frightening.  I barely got away with my life!!  Sure am glad I stuck close to the tree.  Never leave the tree.  Never leave the tree!!


    Joe:  Whew!  Great run today!!  Big grin

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Smile

      Roads were made for journeys...


      Wind is not my friend.

        Just imagine how many times this squirrel will have to go through this on his peaceful mornings if you run the same route over and over again...

          It is pretty enteraining seeing these squirrels.  I also have turkeys along the trails I run and they are just as bad but bigger so it is quite funny.  Insteading of hopping back and forth they prance back and forth.

          The Goofinator

            Big grin  Very funny!

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