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Anybody want to share your week? Aug 13th (Read 155 times)

    Anybody interested in sharing their week's experience?  If not, let me bore anyone who reads>


    Finally, a good week for me.  Now I regret having taken three years off.  Undecided  As I suspected, as in years past, as my mileage increases, meds will need to be adjusted.  The doctor sees me on the 23rd for complete blood work up.  We'll talk about it then.  In the meantime I need to watch my evening numbers as a couple of times they were quite low.


    After feeling tired and lifeless last week, I only ran a little more than 10 easy miles in this week with three of rest days. I felt much, much better than before.  Strength is coming back and my breathing technique is getting much more patterned and efficient.   Soon, I may actually think of myself as a runner again!   


    Aug 7-13


    Sunday - 2.5 miles

    Monday - rest

    Wed - 2.5

    Thu - rest

    Fri - 3.5

    Sat - 2.5


    Total: 11 miles

    Goal next week is 15 miles, easy running with one small hill workout.



    (latent autoimmune)

    Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end. (RF)

      Good job John!

        Nice job getting back into it. I can understand your regret at taking time off. I took the summer off and I can't help feel a little angry with myself. This Monday I've started a boot camp that will meet 3x a week for 4 weeks. Was only $20 through a Living Social deal, which makes it even better. I can feel that I've really gotten out of shape. We meet at 5:30am, which is kind of painful but I love the feeling of being done working out first thing. I am still avoiding my endo. I know it is stupid to do that but ... I'm stupid.

          DON'T AVOID THE ENDO!!   Angry


          Years ago I had a running partner who I happened to work with.   We did our runs at 5:30am which went along great until the days here in NY got shorter and shorter, and colder and colder.    Spring and summer went fine.  Along about October we came to our senses.

          Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end. (RF)

            John, glad you are starting to feel the love again! 


            Sweeter, nice job on the boot camp!  I think we all have stops and starts, so cut yourself some slack....you are getting back out there and that's the important thing Smile.


            Still trying to feel my way through this triathon training cycle.  I kind of hit the wall after 3 weeks of upping the training volume.  So I cut myself a little slack for a couple of days.  Still trained in one sport everyday, but didn't do the two-a-days.  Feeling better now, and back at it.  Problem is, when I slack off a bit like that, I forget I need to tweak my insulin up and wind up fighting highs.  My body would no doubt be happier if I did the same thing every day, but I would be bored out of my mind.  My first olympic distance tri is 9/5, and I'm pretty nervous....mostly about the swim, about BG managment, about possible flats on my bike, do I need new tires???  well...geez, what am I NOT worried about? 

            Progress Trumps Pefection