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Gotta TRI

    First Triathalon down! This one was a sprint. Wow! The swim KICKED my @$$!! 1/3 of a mile. I just did not have it. Got through that in 12:27. I was looking forward to the bike, but, I was wiped after the swim. Hypoxic, lightheaded and totally sucking wind. Got myself rolling on the bike after a few misses getting clipped in. 12 miles. Rode hard and steady, playing "leap frog" with another competitor. By the end of the bike I was ahead. 39: and change.Made a pretty good transition here and took off on the 5k. Had a crash course on Chi running the night before and did my best to utilize it here. I was tired, but had no noticeable pains. Felt like I was running on the slow side but pulled in a 26; and change ( a PR ) for a 1:23:something. They had some timing issues, preliminary posting had me listed in 18th place overall, but on closer examination found my swim time as 2:27! Still waiting for the final results and will post later. Overall, a positive experience. Will definatly work on the swim all week. Next week we run an international distance tri.
    2010 Dec. California International Marathon 2011 Jan. Disney Marathon
      andy, that's amazing! A 26 5k on the last leg? Whoa. Shocked Good job.

      Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

      My legs are killing me

        Andy, Nice job! It sounds like alot of fun. If I ever learn how to swim I think I'll give it a whirl.

        New Haven 08

          Great Job, I was opening the swim season by practicing rolling in my kayak and I forgot the ear plugs. The result is one ear drum got pierced due t many head impacts with the water. No swim until it heals. I wanted to try a swim bike run event but now I have to wait... Undecided

          200 mile bike trip in three days with sleeping gear and change.

          Get the Saturday running club back up.

          Run below 8 minutes per mile for 6 miles.


          Gotta TRI

            How hard is it to do the roll in a kayak? DW and I keep talking bout getting some kayaks.
            2010 Dec. California International Marathon 2011 Jan. Disney Marathon