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    Hi everyone! I am still alive here! I haven't checked in for a while and I've been feeling like I'm missing old friends. There is so much going on in my little life lately. First off, my wonderful DH Chris is deploying soon. It's the first time for this and it's been stressful. I never realized just how much stuff has to be done, by both him and me, before he leaves. And preparing the kids...well, that's not easy. I am positive I'll be coming here fighting off the stress-smoking cravings. Second, it's Spring Break this week for the big kids and it hasn't stopped raining since Sunday. And will continue till Saturday. Yup, the ENTIRE week. We're stuck in the house all week. NO playground, no touring Sevilla, no outdoor running. We've had Tropical Storm force winds to go along with it. Our trampoline was blown across the street and damaged badly. Miraculously, it didn't take out the neighbor's fence (which they just finihsed putting up). BUT... It's two and a half weeks till we leave for Flordia and 22 days till I check into Disney for Sisters' Weekend and the Minnie Marathon 15K. Okay, the Minnie is 24 days away. I am a bit worried because I need to get in at least an 8 miler before the race.Not sure which weekend that sould be. Maybe I'll go 7.5 this weekend and 8.5-9 the next. Great plan I have! Roll eyes So, 7, then 8.5, then 3 or 4, then race. Should be doable. Mostly I am just looking forward to our Florida trip. I have a few days with one of my sisters then family time at WDW for 4 more days. We have family time in Tampa as well, with extended family left and right. I will enjoy it like crazy since Chris will leave shortly after we get back home here. Sorry for the long, not exactly cheery post. Thanks for listening. You guys really do feel like great friends! BTW, great job on the half Sully! McRat, congrats on the anniversary! Holo, I have no advice since I didn't use Rx for quitting but just know that you are done with the physical addicition; the rest is a test of YOU. You can do it and we are here to help you through it. And Andy, enjoy your Disney trip! Also, the avatar came from a pic I took in the local town which I cropped and compressed. It's the Moron (accent on the second O) Rooster, aka the Moron Chicken by us stupid Americans. I'm changing it soon to a pic of me running. And glad to hear that the winter may finally be ending.
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      Hey Kris, Good to see you! Good luck on your minnie marathon. I'm sure you'll do great. Best of luck on your husbands deployment!

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        Hey Kris, Good to hear from you again. Good luck with the "Minnie" race. Have fun in WDW! I can't wait. It's getting close. My next race is May 10, 13.1- I"m up to about 4 miles right now. gonna have to kick it up a notch, too. Good luck with everything you've got going on, take care. Andy
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          Good luck with the deployment. Those are so tough. My DH used to be in the military- I HATED the deployments- he was gone so much for the first 3 years of my DD life she barely knew him at all. If it makes you feel any better our spring break was two weeks ago and it rained the whole week for us as well! Good luck and have fun in Disney (land or world?)